attractive and affordable barn door hardware for the win?
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Barn door bathroom door? How to do this, and where to get hardware?

I'm planning on doing a double door for my bathroom (two 18" doors), to save space. I can't do a pocket door, but a barn door would work (and I love the look). I have the doors... but where to get the hardware?

Checked Lowe's and Home Depot - the latter has ugly aluminum wall mount hardware, that would be ok if I put a cover over it - but I like exposed hardware (if only I could find attractive hardware that wasn't super expensive).

Are there any hardware hacks? Can I do something similar with readily accessible hardware from a store (one of the big ones, or another in the DC area)?
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If you email the person who did this they will send you instructions. He made his own track; this person links to some from Tractor Supply.
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What you want is a place that actually caters to farmers. The Tractor Supply in White Planes Maryland would almost certainly have the hardware you need.

It will come galvanized, so you'll have to paint it (or burn off the zinc and heat it to about 500° and them paint over it with linseed oil to give it that oil rubbed look. Given the difficulty of trying to get something that big hot enough to give you the proper oil rubbed look plus the tremendous fun of zinc poisoning (it's unlikely to kill you but you'll wish you were dead) I'd say go with spray paint.
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I have done this for a bathroom with flat track hardware from crown industrial and it did in fact look awesome. I think that it was not cheap, but given the smaller size you're talking about it could be more reasonable.

I agree that a farm / barn supply store would be cheaper. You could also email people on craigslist who are selling "barn wood" and see if they have any door hardware to sell you.
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I agree- farm store. At least to get a look at how the hardware is put together, and then you can maybe hack something together with regular steel stock. The hard part might be figuring out how to attach it to the wall securely, and getting the door properly balanced.

Don't burn off zinc; it causes fumes that are not good.
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The Brooklyn Home Company are the folks who made the door in the pinterest search that overwhelmingly comes up...this leads me to believe it was not a budget project, but you could always contact them to see where they sourced their hardware, or see if they would sell it to you separately.

Barn Door Hardware is usually the place that most home design blogs send people to search for what they're looking for: they have a wide range of options that are relatively budget friendly. The kids over at Remodelista have multiple posts on barn door style buddies, and might have some budget links buried in a post or two.

Every once in a great while, you will find something like this at a local architectural salvage place as lots of older industrial buildings use similar fittings for certain doors. It's worth checking, and they're usually quite serviceable and very pretty.

I've personally wanted to do this for a very long time, even to the point of having a "Barn Door Porn" folder on my computer. I've seen some of the cheaper options used with really nice reclaimed or really beautiful clean builds, and they all look really good...this is just my opinion, but the actual material used for the door, and the fact that it glides like a barn door seems to attract more attention than the hardware.
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Note that with the pocket door/sliding closet door approach you use box track (like this). Of course, it isn't decorative so you need to hide it behind a fascia or moulding or something.
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If that's already what you found, don't rule it out--you might be able to fix it up more inexpensively than buying what you need for a proper barn door kit, especially if you already have a door that would work. I think that's the direction I was headed when I left off, and I investigated a few kit/door options. ...
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Here is another home improvement blog detailing the build of a bathroom barn door using Crown Industrial Hardware
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Try calling some millworkers in the area for hardware?
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Scroll down this page to "Salvaged Office Doors" - someone made her own track for under $100.
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