Accordion & Uke Lessons in MN
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I'm interested in taking accordion and/or ukulele lessons in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Does anyone know where I might be able to take lessons? Additionally, does anyone know of places where I can rent either instrument?
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Have you talked to the folks at Castle Accordion? There's also apparently an accordion store called Accordion Heaven in St. Paul.

For ukulele, you could try calling the Homestead Pickin' Parlor. They offer lessons in a wide variety of instruments, there may be someone there who gives lessons.
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I don't know about rentals, and I have no personal experience with her, but Karen Majewicz of Dreamland Faces, who are headquarterd in Minneapolis, does accordian lessons and repairs. I imagine she/they might have a good line on ukulele people as well.

And you should check out Dreamland Faces.
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Just post a "Lost! Accordion (or Ukelele)" poster with a your phone # and the offer of a small reward around town.

Anyone with an accordian (or ukelele) they want to get rid of will call you. You can both pretend the instrument in question is really the "lost" item and both get what you want.

This also works for bagpipes and tin drums given to children by relatives other than their parents.

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Seconding Accordion Heaven.
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seconding homestead pickin parlor, their website claims they can help find unique instruments if you have a special request, though they do not regularly stock ukes. also, they're awesome. i bought my mandolin there.
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