My chuck's stuck!
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Should I lube my bike tire pump's chuck?

I have an oldish (~10 yr) Presta tire pump with a brass chuck on it. Over the last six months or so, I've noticed that it's increasingly difficult to get the chuck off the tube stem when I'm done inflating, to the point where I'm concerned about breaking the stem as I remove the chuck.

Is the chuck something that I could lubricate, or should I just get a new pump? If it's lube-able, with what should I lube it? Tri-flow or similar, or something else?

As an aside, if I do need to get a new pump, any recommendations?
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Your chuck has a rubber seal, well most do, especially the brass push on variety. Adding lube will only further degrade the rubber. Oil and rubber do not mix. My chuck (Pista) can be adjusted by twisting one portion of the barrel relative to the other. Perhaps that will help. You may just need a new chuck. In the meantime, you might try a bit of saliva.
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If the chuck looks like 24.0 in this picture you can just get a new washer for it at any decent bike shop. In fact you might be able to get a washer for many pumps at a bike shop.

If your LBS (Local Bike Shop) can't get a part for the original chuck they can surely get the aforementioned chuck and you can simply cut the old chuck off and replace it.
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Also, try and buy tubes with threadless valve stems, so the head has less to grab. Michelin makes 'em, for one.
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