How can I put my own mp3/ringtones on my V3A Razor
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What is the easiest way to put my own ringtones on my V3A razor

I think that ringtones are a ripoff and I want to put my own ringtones on my cell phone. I tried just putting an mp3 on with no luck. I also have a mac if thats of any help
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If you're using Sprint, this web-based uploader has worked well for me for about four years. It claims that it works with some other providers as well.
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MyxerTones has always worked for me. You can submit your own mp3s and it will automatically shorten them (or you can adjust) and turn them into ringtones, then you can send them to your phone.

Also, lots of ringtones are already available on there for free..

Check it out. I believe they highlighted this on lifehacker a while back..
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And if that doesn't work for you, I'm sure you'll find it by searching at Howard Forums.
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If your Razr has a slot for a mini-SD card, that's also a pretty easy approach.
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Dunno if it works with yours, but this is how I got random mp3s and wavs to turn into ringtones on my razr, even through Verizon's roadblocks:

Step 1: Put in SD card.
Step 2: Record various sounds using the phone, doesn't matter what. Be sure to save to the SD card.
Step 3: Remove SD card and put in card reader hooked to pc.
Step 4: Note filenames; they're all 2321342.something.
Step 5: Take random mp3 you want to turn into a ringtone, rename it to a filename that's on the SD card, copy it to the SD card.
Step 6: Verizon doesn't profit.

Repeat as needed. Easiest to record a whole bunch of random sounds first so you have many filenames to copy over.

The only problem I've seen is that if I turn the phone off, it usually forgets that the sounds are there. So whenever I cold-start the phone, I just play the sounds and that reminds the phone that they're there.

It's all worth it to deny Verizon their extortion, and have the phone ring with the Star Trek fighting music when my wife calls. Next, to make it ring with the Imperial March for my mum.
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If you have a data cable, I suggest trying BitPim. I tried putting in ringtones through the microSD card on my enV, and that didn't work, so it was BitPim for me.

Seconding ROU_Xenophobe. Verizon's service is a massive ripoff, and I don't even think they carry video game-related ringtones anyhow. My ringtones are heavily populated by the character fanfares from Super Smash Bros., and it is awesome.
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I don't know if they'll do your phone, but Mobile 17 lets you select an MP3 from your computer and upload a chunk, which it then spits back to your phone (in my case, via pix message on Verizon). You then save the sound and apply it as a ringtone. Worked many times for me. The only catch is that, unless you pay for the premium service, you have to wait around a few hours before the thing arrives.
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