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SongLyricFilter : I heard a song on a local semi-indie radio show, and would like to know who it was. I remember precious few details, however. Sparse arrangement, just a singer and a guitar at first. I remember the phrase "space and time" coming up a lot, and something like "I could write a long letter."

Sorry to be so vague. Any ideas?
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Do you know what the radio show was?
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Response by poster: I'd guess it was Rollie Radio, though I'm not sure that show is actually still on the air with that name anymore. The website hasn't really been updated since 2003 and Rollie's been in bad health and is about to retire. I'm guessing I could track down the person running the show now and ask them, if that's your suggestion, but I don't know how easy that might be.
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I think it was by Actual Tigers. The song is called "Time and Space." I think the chorus goes "I could write a long book-about-time-and-space..." amazon has sound samples of it.
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ps if it is them and you liked that song the rest of the album is pretty good, a bit preachy to me sometimes and over-earnest, but the sound is good and there's a lot of nice hooks.
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better quality sound sample (mp3)
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Ahh, good ol' Rollie Radio. Though Rollie will certainly be missed, I think Paul Shugrue is probably the best "replacement" that could've been found to pick up the torch. I'm so glad they didn't just randomly toss someone from BOBFM/KICKFM over there like they normally do (e.g. Kristen Croot). For what it's worth, Paul is very nice and would bend over backwards to help an interested party -- he's much more passionate about music in general than most, if not all, of the DJs within the Sinclair Communications oligopoly. Toss him an email - I'm sure he'd be happy to help.
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Response by poster: That's the song, neustile, most definitely. Thanks for finding it, and for the links.

Also, Hankins, thanks for the fascinating bit of info. I didn't know that Rollie's show was now entirely gone. That's a shame. I don't hear the radio much at all anymore since I almost always take my motorcycle, which has no radio. According to their schedule, Shugrue's show is on almost every weekday. Maybe I'll try to listen in a bit more often.
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BTW, in the future you can hold your mobile phone to the sound source and call Shazzam - they will text you back the name of the song, as long as the sound is loud enough.

I've tried it & it's wicked... but UK only, sadly.

Where are you?
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