How do I get my damaged old film projector working?
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I'm working in a gallery in Ireland and we are trying to get an Eiki SL-0 16mm film projector, we ordered one on ebay from the US but it arrived damaged, we've contacted someone in Dublin about fixing it but he doesn't think it's worth his time and another person in Amsterdam who also doesn't think it's worth fixing. Does anyone know someone in Europe where we could get another Eiki 16mm projector in working order or does anyone know someone in UK/Ireland who loves fixing these machines and would be willing to take it on?

I have all the details of what is wrong with it if anyone is curious.
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This guy might be worth a call. He specialises in spares and repair for cine equipment.
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If that guy doesn't work out, memail me and I'd be happy to suggest a few people in Ireland who are in the film industry and the arts in general.

The Galway Arts festival is ongoing at the moment, including the Film Fleadh, which may be taking up a lot of people's time for the next week or so.... A couple of questions, though - How urgent is it? Where in Ireland are you located?
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Hi Nick, I'm in Dublin and we want the projector to be running by September at the latest.

Thanks le morte, I'm going to email that guy now.
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I called him and he has been really helpful, thank you. It's not sorted definitively yet so I would still welcome more suggestions if people know about experts in the field.
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