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I'm flying next month and want to look amazing when I get off the plane.

Usually I don't really think about how I look when I fly and look presentable but definately casual - this time someone new is picking me up and I want to look great coming off the plane. I have no problem with the outfit, it's not looking haggard coming off a flight with a 3 hour layover in Charlotte. What are you best practices for looking great while traveling?
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Drink lots and lots of water - a lot of the haggardness comes from dehydration.
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Drink lots of water before and during your flight. Maybe request an aisle seat so getting up to go to the bathroom won't be a hassle.

I always carry a toothbrush & travel-sized toothpaste, deoderant, and a washcloth in a plastic bag to wash my face. Even in a tiny plane lavatory it's really nice to freshen up.
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Drinking tons of water is good. Also, going to the bathroom near the end of the flight and washing your face, brushing teeth, applying makeup, etc. does wonders. I've used these no-rinse cleansing cloths before, I got a trial size in the tiny-product area of Target. I can't help with hair, mine is always a mess.
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ear plugs + eye patch + no alcohol/soda = restful sleep.
restful sleep = look amazing coming off plane.
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Note for teeth-brushing, bring water with you into the bathroom because the handwashing water isn't potable.
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As the plane taxis from the runway to the gate, curl your eyelashes, put on a little blush and tinted lip balm.
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At Charlotte, there is a little day spa ( I believe it's in the passageway that leads to the D and E terminals. In addition to the usual, mani/pedi/massage, they also have an oxygen lounge. I was getting a manicure on a lay over last year, and they let me wait there for about 15 minutes. It was actually quite nice (with dimmed lights, and soft music). I left feeling very refreshed. Maybe you could duck in there an get some pampering. I'm sure they would also let you refresh your make-up and whatnot.
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Another vote for

ear plugs + eye patch + no alcohol/soda = restful sleep.

but I would add Xanax to the equation.
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Also, do keep in mind that you don't likely care about looking good when you come off the plane. Instead, you probably care about looking good when you exit security where this new special person will be meeting you. This means you can take a minute or two to decompress, go to a non-closetlike restroom, drink some water, etc.

Don't worry about the time delay between when the plane arrives and when you meet your someone; delays in getting off the plane has really become the norm, so no one would think twice.
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JMOZ has it - unless you're meeting this person at the gate (pretty unlikely, unless you're catching a connecting flight together), then take a couple minutes after you land to use the restroom, comb your hair, perhaps change into fresh clothes? Etc. etc.
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Flying dehydrates my skin, so I always bring moisturizer in my bag. If you wear any foundation and/or concealer, I would recommend removing it and reapplying after the flight.

Also, I think airport restroom lights makes even the most refreshed person looks haggard, so maybe bring a small mirror along and check your appearance in natural light.
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Anti-red-eye eye drops are not something you'd want to use on a regular basis, but they are great on transcontinental flights!
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Bring some hairspray/mousse or whatever you use to manage your hair, because wind and heat and the back of the seat could do a number on it.

Oh yes, and drink water too.
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Chapstick on your lips during the flight. I find the dry air really chaps my lips during long flights.

Aisle seat so you can stretch your legs.

I will sometimes take and ibuprofen before I land since I always get headaches no matter how much water I drink before / during the flight.
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this time someone new is picking me up and I want to look great coming off the plane

Um, isnĀ“t the person picking you up outside of the security area? Who cares what you look like the minute you walk off the plane, you want to look good when you walk past the security checkpoint! Unless you are going to a little bitty airport, there will be a bathroom before this point. Go in there, change into your non-wrinkled outfit, splash some cold water on your face, brush your teeth, and put on your makeup.

If it is a little bitty airport, you will need to do all this on the plane. Accessorize with a big smile when you walk into the airport.

Drink water and make sure you get enough sleep the night before your flight.
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For the love of god, please don't touch up your make up in the plane before it lands. I fly often and my pet peeve is waiting forever for the bathroom to be free, only to be assaulted by cheap perfume after a woman's been in there doing her make-up that only looks twice as bad because of poor lighting. Then there's the toothpaste flecks all over the mirror. Very inconsiderate to other passengers.

The smart move is to use the bathroom after exiting the plane. You will have plenty of elbow space, better lighting and mirrors. Stick with a natural look. Bright red lipstick with a puffy face and red eyes from being in the air - not so much.
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Nthing advice about water and rest.

Wear something that doesn't wrinkle, or have a change of clothes.
Wear comfortable shoes on the plane; once you've landed, change into some cute shoes (though beware of potential swelling).
Also, one thing I have noticed about myself - sometimes it's what you're hauling that can make you look haggard or dumpy - you likely won't look your best if you're about to tip over from a huge backpack or a big tote makes you look strained or is bunching up your blouse.

Good luck!
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I usually make sure to bring a big thing of drinking water with me, but sometimes I forget. Airlines are pretty chintzy with water (along with everything else) and I always need more if I have to rely on the flight attendants. Go to the nearest flight attendants' station and ask for the biggest bottle of water. Once I got a huge, one-liter bottle; I think the f.a. was just trying to get rid of me.

Other than that, my gastrointestinal system goes nuts and I usually end up with a nasty bout of gas. This always goes away once we land, I guess it has to do with the pressurization. But a couple of antacid tablets could come in handy as well.
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