Who won the Ultimate Noah's Ark challenge?
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Where can I find information about the winner of and solution to Mike Wilk's Ultimate Noah's Ark contest? The contest ended in 1995, but there's surprisingly little info on the intrawebs.

I suppose I could just email him via his website, but I read an interview with him where he claimed that he couldn't remember who won his Ultimate Alphabet contest. As a result, I'd rather save emailing him for the last resort.
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I had that book! I never figured it out though, even if you don't find the winner, I'd love to know the answer.
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I emailed the author about the solution to the book about a year ago. I suggested that the missing animal was a female human. Here is his response:

Dear nushustu,

Good to hear from you.

Sorry, you're wrong. Many people guessed the missing animal was a human being and yet others that it was a blue shark. The correct answer is a tamandua or lesser anteater. The singular creature can be found in the foreground depicted on the tambourine held by the elephant shrew. There is even a clue. In the left foreground there is an artic fox holding a green placard. He is looking towards the creature with the tambourine and pointing at the lower case (for lesser) letter A (for anteater) in the word 'Faunae'.

I hope this helps.

There are no new picture books planned but I am publishing a fantasy novel for 10 - 13 year olds in October. Mirrorscape is the first of three such books. The others will appear in subsequent years.

Thanks for taking an interest in my work.

I didn't ask him who won the contest. Perhaps I will do just that.
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Thanks much, nushustu! I, too, had believed the missing animal was a female human. Because information is so scarce, I'm starting to wonder if anyone won. If you find out who won, could you mefi mail me? Thanks!
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You know what though? It IS weird that there is absolutely no proof online that anyone actually won those contests. Suspicious even. Wouldn't it be fraud if nobody won?
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So I asked the author. Here's his response:

It was so long ago now that I can't remember who won the contest. The publisher would probably know and you might find some archive material via Google.

So I suppose you would probably need to contact the publisher.
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