It's like a weevil in my brain!
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Does anybody know what the song used in this video from this post on the blue is?

It sounds like something that would be the last track on a Coldplay album, but apparently isn't. Is it Radiohead maybe? Has Radiohead gone beaut-emo? I'm not nearly up to date on my 00's indie artists (I'd never heard of Feist until the Sesame Street vid from last week.) Who is this!? I need this song right now!
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Best answer: Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros.
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Best answer: It's "Hoppipolla", by Sigur Ros, off the album "Takk".
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Response by poster: Yup. There it is. Weevil removed. Though the roller coaster carnage video fits it so perfectly that it's still worth repeat viewings. I suggest watching the bald guy in the black-and-yellow shirt at roughly 1:30
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The whole album is awesome by the way, I wouldn't get just the one track.
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Definitely my favorite Sigur Ros album. Catch them live if you can, as it's amazing to see how they create that big orchestrated wall of sound live (and their visuals are pretty kick ass).
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Go buy Heima now! Most beautiful pictures for a concert video ever and stunning sound if you've got home theatre set up.

Here is the trailer [higher quality] featuring Hoppipolla.

Read the Amazon customer reviews if you are still unconvinced.
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