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For what jobs are applicants accepted largely based on an examination? Inspired by this question.

Examples of this type of hiring practice would be the United States Foreign Service examination and USPS.
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Most police departments rank potential candidates by testing them first, some fire departments do as well. In Milwaukee, I know library aides are offered jobs based on test results. A publisher named Arco offers vocational test books, which give you an idea of the variety of jobs that are offered based on test results.
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New York State has a civil service system--for most state jobs, you have to take a test specific to the position you are applying for. If you score well enough, you are placed on a list and then contacted when a position opens up. If several people are trying for the same position, your score will affect how you are rated against the other candidates. Info here.
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There's the ASVAB for the US military. (Here's what wikipedia says are the required scores to get in.) Of course, there's other tests, like medical and whatnot, that an applicant must pass.
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Many actuaries have to take tests to get promotions. I don't know if they are required to get the job in the first place though.
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