Accounts of the Iraq War from soldier's perspective?
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What are some of the most compelling articles you've read about fighting in the Iraq War?

Working on a script set in Iraq, trying to gain a feel for the kind of struggles soldiers deal with on a daily basis: road blocks, IEDs, house to house searches... Anything you've read from the POV of these guys that sticks with you and refuses to let go?
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This post from Mefite logboy. Check out the rest of his blog, too.
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I've always found this narrative published last year very compelling: I Miss Iraq. I Miss My Gun. I Miss My War.
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While it doesn't cover the occupation, Generation Kill -- the book -- seemed an accurate representation, to this non-vet, of the confusion, anxiety, and banality of the invasion itself.
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Read through the blog posts of Michael J. Totten and Michael Yon. Both of them have spent a great deal of time in Iraq attached to various units.
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I was deeply moved / horrified by articles on depleted uranium and cancer rates in the Iraq population. not to mention how gulf war syndrom looks oddly like radiation poisoning
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There are great blogs here.
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The War Nerd

Not so much for POV, but for a clear and honest understanding of the groups currently fighting for power in Iraq and war in general.
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You might want to check out Zoriah - an independent photojournalist who (up until recently) was embedded in Iraq. Some of it is NSFW and extremely brutal/honest, especially his report on the suicide bombing in Anbar, which to answer your question, is what stuck with me (and got him into a lot of trouble with the US Marines for it's honesty).
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