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Is there a tiny (and free) Windows program I can put in my "Open With" menu for mp3s that will simply rename the file to [Artist] - [Title] based on the file's ID3 tags?
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Here are some WinAmp plugins that MIGHT be up your alley; you can also probably post to the forums if things are really non-forthcoming. I feel like this is something that someone with a knowledge of the Winamp plugin system would be able to whip out a basic version of in no time.

This looks like exactly what you're after, minus the 'Open With' menu thing...
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I think Rename-It! may be close to what you're looking for.
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mp3 tag studio installs a shell extension that does what you're after.
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Tag and Rename is the best tagger I've used. I don't have it installed right now, but one of it's features is:
Explorer shell extensions: Tag&Rename can be added to the context menu of MS Explorer so that you can access T&R faster (right-click mouse) from the MS File Manager.

So maybe it would do what you're looking for.
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Adding the "Open with" thing is the easy part.

From an explorer window, on the Tools menu, pick Folder Options.

On the box that comes up, pick the File Types tab. Scroll down through the list, and highliight the MP3 file type. Press the Advanced button.

A new dialog box ("Edit File Type") with a list of actions will open. Click on the New button. Fill in the fields this way:

Action: This is what you see on the right-click menu. It can be anything you want.

Application used to perform action: This is the command you would use to run the program. Your file is named %1. Enclose everything in quotes so that spaces will be handled correctly. So for example, you'll have somehting like this:

"C:\Program Files\MyCoolApp\MyCoolApp.exe" "%1"

Finally, on XP and 2000, make sure that Use DDE is checked. All the other boxes should be empty. Click OK a bunch of times, and you're done.
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