How do you find out which concerts/performances you would like to see are coming to your town?
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How do you find out which concerts/performances you would like to see are coming to your town? Hang around like myself and my fellow morons?
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When I'm paying attention, I use alt weeklies or local music websites.
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Pollstar.Com is decent - doesn't list everything but it's a good place to start if you don't have a weekly handy.
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sign up on the band's or band's label's mailing list. regularly check the band's or band's label's Tour section of their site. check the websites of your favorite venues regularly. any yeah, look over the alt weekly.
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I usually end up checking a Minneapolis radio station's website and find out somebody really cool is on tour... and was in Minneapolis 2 weeks prior. I live 90ish miles from Minneapolis, the local radio stations only seem to mention who's coming to the Eau Claire WI area proper. Who's coming to Eau Claire proper? Well, nobody.
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Why the hell doesn't iTunes do this? It knows what performers I like, and which new bands I'm listening to, so why doesn't it pop up a window telling me which are playing in my area? It would be trivial to code.

I have a sneaking susp. that Apple's deals with the labels somehow forbid Apple disintermediating them and giving fans any direct access to the bands...
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I'll second Except very small local bands, it's got pretty good listings. You can search by artist, location, date.
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nicwolff, probably nobody has thought of it before. It's an excellent idea and I never thought of it. Go download the iTunes SDK and get cracking!
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The other good thing about PollStar is that you can sign up to be automatically notified by e-mail when your favourite bands update their tour schedules. Unfortunately, they limit you to five bands at a time, but you can get around this by either using multiple e-mail addresses or (if you're desperate) paying for their premium service.
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I recommend this website for substrate and other Minnesota-based folk.
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Amen, substrate, that's a pretty cool idea. The trick, though, would probably not be on the iTunes end (I think you ought to be able to accomplish it through Applescript, even, by sorting the library by playcount), but on the concert listing end. Are there any "services" (RSS/SOAP) that provide this kind of information? Otherwise, it's a lot of messy hacking and screen scraping.
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Washington CityPaper lists most of the clubs in the DC/Balt area so I peruse it each Thursday.
posted by terrapin at 8:15 AM on August 27, 2004 is an option. Alas, it's only as good as people in your area make it, so post events often!
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No one mentioned waxy's Upcoming? It works best in the major US cities, but it could work everywhere if everyone chipped in a little bit.
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I use: mailing lists, local weekly, this page, checking at venue pages, posters around the neighborhood. Nevertheless I miss a lot, especially classical and folk stuff.
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I'll second mailing lists of bands/labels/clubs (and I'm on mailing lists of music freaks as well and run one of my own).

I'll also second or third but I stopped using it when the wouldn't allow a login without a birthdate. Idjits.
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This page on the Apple site lists a number of calendars iCal users can subscribe to. The selection in the music section are pretty paltry, but I know that some bands do publish iCal compatible calendar links on their web sites. It's not much good now, but for one example, the tour dates page on the Phish web site offers RSS feeds and iCal links. More bands should do this, definitely.
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CitySearch is pretty good for San Francisco, and I assume it'd work for other cities, too. (There's a lot of clutter due to ads and sponsored links, though.)
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Unless it's a band that makes it's living touring, most times the band is only going to tour when a new album comes out. The first thing I do when I learn someone I like is releasing new material is to search their sites for tour info.
posted by archimago at 12:23 PM on August 27, 2004 Despite the name, it's not just JamBands and festivals. It lets you track favorite bands, too.
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Checking your local venue's listings or signing up for their email lists is a good idea.

There are some really good sites I have bookmarked at home that list almost every possible show/event coming to LA/Hollywood/Silverlake for months at a time - I'll post those when I'm not at work if no one else does.
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Every Northern California music fan should have The List bookmarked.
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