Just a trim, dammit!
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Where can I get a cheap (women's) haircut in Midtown, NYC? I'm at 52nd and Madison. The faster, the cheaper, the better.

My office is surrounded by glossy high-end boutique salons that will force me to pony up between $75-200 for a haircut. Google Maps is dredging up every salon south of Central Park with a Frenchy name. I just need a trim. Today, if possible. Does anyone know of a small, possibly not even listed, salon that will just spray my split ends, snip them off, and still leave me with time to grab a salad on my lunch break?
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I left NYC 13 years ago, but Astor Place haircutters (very close to Astor Place station on the 6) might still be open. That place was cheap and fast. I know it ain't midtown, where you're at, but it doesn't take too long to get downtown, since you're already on the east side, and all.

Otherwise, this list might come in handy. I dunno.
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A friend of mine uses Dramatics NYC for this. Can't vouch for them personally, since I haven't been there, but they give cheap cuts and have locations throughout the city.
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Seconding Dramatics and also suggesting Salon Ziba at 57th and 7th. They have two tiers of service... regular stylist and "masters". A cut with a regular stylist is ~$50.
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I see you wanted this yesterday, but just in case... I go to Hair Farfalla which is 1577 3rd Avenue between 88th and 89th Street. Its a really cute place, and they have a walk-in special of 20 bucks for a wash, head and neck massage, and (simple) cut. You can't beat it.
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Bumble and Bumble always needs hair models...it's free and you often get free hair products as well. I've done it twice and have been very happy with my cuts!
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So... where'd you get it cut, Hwaet?
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