Austin sunrise spot?
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Where is the best place in/near Austin, TX to see a sunrise?
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Mount Bonnell. Climb up on top of the seating area roof.

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Yeah, Mount Bonnell for sure.
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From the top of Enchanted Rock.
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ditto for Enchanted Rock.
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In town, a fun bike ride to the top of the parking garage at Book People and REI (Whole Foods old location) isn't bad; you don't get to see the sun as it breaks the horizon (it's behind downtown buildings) but you see it soon, and it's pretty to watch it break over the city.

Then haul ass over the the Congress Ave bridge to watch the bats drop back under the bridge -- everyone has seen them take off, and that's cool and all, but it's also fun to see them dip and flip down and under; they're quite the aerobatics, they get close and then fall out the sky, then ZAM ! up and under and into their home.

If you know anyone with a job or condo in a highrise, buy them breakfast, and send me their phone number, and I'll buy their breakfast also.
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Agreed. Get me in to that highrise!

Or, in a pinch, Mt. Bonnell and Enchanted Rock are the way to go.

Does anyone know any bigwig at the Front Bank Tower that could sneak us in to the ob deck? :)
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Another vote for Enchanted Rock, many years ago we went camping during a full moon. We got up around 4-5am and climbed to the top in the moonlight to watch the sun come up. Very, very cool time that will stick in my memory for a long time.
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