Car service from Heathrow to Central London
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Heathrow to Central London. Which car service do you recommend?

I'm always exhausted after transatlantic flights. Sick of the tube and Heathrow Express. Want someone with a sign to be at the arrival gate and drive me to SW3. Recommendations for reliability/decent price much appreciated.
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Airport express are fine, though in my experience any cab firm is OK
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addison lee is always fairly reliable, but costly by comparison to most taxi firms
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Best answer: I like Green Tomato Cars. They use Toyota Priuses (so you get a consistent and relatively new car), are pretty reasonably priced, and are reliable.

One issue with getting a car from Heathrow is the inevitable traffic jam on the A4 from Heathrow in to Central London...
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Whichever firm you get, you're looking at an average of £40 - 60 for that fare. Get a firm price when you book, and stick to that price.
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I've done this a few times. At risk of derail, I'd just put forward the view that it's not worth it: Heathrow Express plus taxi from Paddington is cheaper, barely any more complex, more 'luxurious' than many minicab firms, and gets you to your bed, your shower, and your coffee machine much quicker.
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Response by poster: It's actually vastly complex if you now land at Terminal 4. The Heathrow Express doesn't go to Terminal 4 anymore. The train you must now take to connect to the Heathrow Express 1,2,3 stop has been so full both times I've had to make this transfer that I've waited up to an hour. Just to actually get to the Heathrow Express!

I ended up taking a taxi this morning due to running out of time to research/book a car yesterday. It cost £45 and after a long transatlantic flight, was well worth it.

Thanks for all your responses - I'll get my act together and look into your suggestions for the next time I have to fly transatlantic in a few weeks.
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Since you're going to do this again, let me put in a good word for the lovely woman, Bea, who drives my elderly relatives around London/locally and also comes to get us from the airport(s) when we (the expats) go back to visit -- I don't know if she'll want her info spread all over the internet (she limits her work as she is also the primary caregiver for her elderly mother), so mefi-mail me if you're interested. She is utterly reliable and her prices are in line with what has been quoted above, but perhaps you, like me, have a preference for recommendations for specific individuals?
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