Replacing (quickly) lost California ID?
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Replacing (quickly) lost California ID?

Resolving-friend's-freakout-filter: a friend of mine is currently in New York and will be there for another 2-3 weeks before going back to California. He just lost his California ID, which is the only form of identification he has. He does not have his passport (long story), so that's not an option. I am in California now, so I can send him whatever documents he may need (birth certificate?).

Google says that he needs to fill out Form DL 44 to replace his ID, but the catch is that he cannot do it online. The web site also doesn't say whether it is something that he'll need to appear in person for, or if it can be completed and mailed from another state.

What can he do to get a new replacement ID in time to return back to California? Bonus points if there is a way to get an actual photo ID rather than a temporary one.
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"If your driver's license is lost or stolen, you may request a replacement at any California Department of Motor Vehicles office. If you need an updated version to be sent to you because of an address change, you will also need to apply for a duplicate/replacement.

You must go in person to any DMV office to be issued a replacement license. Save time by making an appointment.

Unfortunately, you can't request a replacement of your driver's license by mail, online, or over the phone because they must verify your identity. So, if you are outside of California and lose your license, you can't replace it until you return. In some cases exceptions to this rule can be made; call (916) 657-7790 for more information.

When you arrive at the DMV, grab a DL 44 form to fill out before it's your turn in line but don't sign it until the DMV representative witnesses your signature. (Call (800) 777-0133 to have one sent in advance.) The DMV might ask to see alternative identification.

If you are under 18, both parents must sign the application. If one parent has sole custody, you must state this on the application.

The DMV will verify the Social Security number, photo, and personal information it has on file for you. If the DMV office can't positively identify you, it can't issue you a duplicate license.

Once they determine that you are who you say you are, the DMV office will issue you a temporary (paper) license valid for 60 days, and will mail the replacement license to your home address."

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As far as I know, you absolutely have to appear in person in a California DMV to replace a lost ID. However, judging by your penultimate sentence, he's worried about how to return home? You can legally fly without ID, so he should be able to get back and get his butt to the DMV as soon as he returns.
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You can fly without ID, even with the recent tightening of restrictions. They'll still let you fly, subject to "secondary screening" when going through security, if you state that you've lost your ID and are "cooperative with officers."
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Recent AskMe thread about flying without an ID, from someone who lost his driver's license while traveling out of state, complete with followup from the poster describing his experiences.
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Looks like your friend won't be purchasing any alcohol anytime soon. He might be able to express a passport as identification, but likely not within 2-3 weeks. Some places might take alternative forms of ID - like student IDs, Social Security cards, or birth certificates, but I wouldn't risk sending a birth certificate through the mail.

Note that stores cannot require a person to show ID in order to use a credit card, if that is a worry.

Maybe you should just send him a bottle of scotch and a flask.
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