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What kind of Jazz is The Three Little Bops and why can't I find anything similar?

I know it must be Jazz. But I listened to jazz albums. I tried be-bop, even. They are all largely instrumental, with wandering riffs. Even the albums put forth by both the singer and the writer of "Three Little Bops" sound nothing like it.

The Three Little Bops, besides being the best Looney Toon ever, has a proto-rock and roll sound to it and so help me, I love it. What kind of jazz is it that has such a clean symmetrical, boogie woogie sound? And singing?

Can you recommend and artists/complilations/albums?
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Check out Lee Morgan (the album and tune called Sidewinder) and any Horace Silver.

I'll post more when I think of it, but those guys will get you going, definitely.
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I think you said it: boogie woogie
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The first piece sounds like Bill Hailey and the Comets. You might be looking for Rockabilly rather than Jazz.
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yup, Boogie Woogie, not Bebop
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You'll notice in the credits that the music is by Shorty Rogers -- I'd check in that direction, as well.
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Check out Louis Jordan, Louis Armstrong and Cab Calloway. Ooh, and a little further afield, Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, and the Nutty Squirrels records.
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Ditto doctor_negative. And maybe Bill Haley & The Saddlemen even (pre-Comets).

You might also really dig something with the same boogie beat but a little more rough around the edges. Lots of jazzy improv and relentless 8 to the bar, pre-Rock & Roll rhythm.

Great cartoon, thanks!
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Jump Blues
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This isn't an answer and so might be deleted, but just wanted to a/thank you for introducing me to that marvelous short, and b/ share this sad 2004 exchange I found on a board discussing who did the music:

My son and i were grooving to Friz Freleng's way cool Three Little Bops this evening (we hadda watch it twice!). The credits mention Shorty Rogers for the musical credit, but who else played on that short?

I had the complete mag music track for that cartoon back when I was doing some restoration work for WB Cartoons.
Trying to remember who played on that. Famous jazzers. Can't dredge it up right now..

Just mono I assume?

Mono, 15 ips 1/4" tape. Sounded great though. Some dumpster got it I'm sure.

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You gotta get some Louis Prima and Keely Smith.
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This actually reminded me of some Glenn Miller my mom used to play, Boogie Woogie Piggy, and Three Little Fishies.

Here's a list of Boogie Woogie musicians from Wikipedia (i know that's lame).
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Certainly Boogie Woogie. Shorty Rogers was a fantastic trumpet and flugelhorn player, and did the music for that cartoon. There is plenty of his music to check out. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if thats Shorty "playing" trumpet in that video.

Also to check out is 40's and 50's Instrumental R&B/Blues
Leo Parker comes to mind.
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Nthing the Calloway, Prima, Jordan et al, but couldn't let this pass without mentioning Slim Gaillard, an under-appreciated genius if ever there was one. O-vouty o-roonie!!!
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nth-ing all that's been mentioned, plus check out Jelly Roll Morton and Fats Waller.

Here is a holy-crap long article about the history of Boogie Woogie. Can't vouch for its accuracy or authority, but it drops tons of names that you might want to follow up on.

And if you want to turn the whole affair on its head, check out western swing, which is jazz-influenced country & western.

God help me, I could listen to any of this stuff all day...
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Great thread!
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Ho-lee crap, check out this post on the blue from earlier today. I'm betting anyone interested in the music discussed here will find something (or 10,000 things) they like on the linked site.
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