Where to park for Yankee Stadium
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Where should I park my car to go to a Yankees game (Sunday, 1pm), coming from the western part of New Jersey?

It seems that there is parking on-site, but I've read a lot of comments that its impossible to exit after a game. It doent seem that there is much to see around the stadium after the game to kill time, so thats kind of unappealing. It needs to be somewhere relatively safe, because I'll have luggage in the trunk, and I'd rather not take any chances (I know this will cost me $). Since the game will end pretty early in the day, I'm tempted to park somewhere in Manhattan and take the subway up, so I could come back and explore Manhattan for a while after the game. But I have no clue where to park there either.
And I need to end up in a different part of New Jersey later that evening, so taking public transportation/bus the whole trip isnt feasable. Thanks!
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Take the subway, definitely.
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I've had good luck parking in Hoboken, taking the train in. Then you can hang out elsewhere in the city after, or return to Hoboken, which has restaurants and bars aplenty.
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You could always park in Hoboken or Port Imperial and take the Yankee Clipper up to the stadium, or try a combination of 'park in NJ, PATH/ferry to Manhattan, subway to the stadium'. I've done the park-and-ferry before from Port Imperial, and the parking on the NJ side seemed pretty safe.
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theres mad, er i mean many, cops everywhere around the stadium at every game, so its generally safe to park and in otherwise. if you want to kill some time downtime, then park there and take the subway, but the subways will be packed after the game, which i personally hate.

if you park in the stadium area and need to beat the rush:

a. park in an unofficial "lot" (somebodys driveway that is charging for parking)
b. leave after the top of the 9th (blasphemy!)
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There's a parking garage on 155th St. between St. Nicholas Place and St. Nicholas Ave. in Manhattan. The stadium is a short walk across the Macomb's Dam Bridge.

You should also be able to find on street parking pretty much anywhere in that part (roughly between Bradhurst and Amsterdam and 145 and 155th) of Manhattan. The chance of your car being broken into during daylight hours is practically nil.
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Take the George to the Deagan (87) south -- towards Queens. Get off at the first exit on the Deagan (number escapes me, but the one prior to Macomb Dam Bridge). At the bottom of the exit is a lot that is well protected/patrolled. Park there. Getting out is easy and you get back on the Deagan going north and across the GW you go. This lot gets full so get there by 12:30. There will be a lot of tailgaiters and kids throwing baseballs or playing wiffle ball. If you want to get there early it will open by 11. Barbecue or just drink adult beverages. Saves $ at the game.

I also suggest bringing your own sandwich, chips and water. Put it in a plastic bag and you will be allowed in with it. I always bring my own peanuts and I freeze several water bottles the night before to bring to day games when it is expected to be hot like this weekend.

If you do end up parking in the main lot, ask the gate attendant innocently if it costs anything extra to park by the entrance. For about $10 or $20 more, they will let you park right by the front door and you can get out easily.

Go Yankees!
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I went several times last month, and each time we parked at Lot #3 on this map. It cost 17 dollars. We got there by an hour before gametime each time and had no trouble parking there. Staying to the end of the game made leaving slow, yes, but not unmanageable, and not much worse than leaving any other kind of stadium or arena. Leaving early made it super easy to get out.
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What JanetLand said. Unless you have some kind of impossible deadline right after the game, getting out of the lot or garage is not a big deal.
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On JanetLand's map, the lot I was trying to describe is 13A or 13B.
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Actually, when you stay to the end of the game, what takes forever and is very uncomfortable is getting yourself out of the damn stadium. They seem to want to herd everybody down just a few ramps to just a few exits.
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