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Do you know of any songs that are more like this?

I'm not sure how to describe this track. I especially like the chill/soulful vibe, and the arrangement of the brief vocals aren't too bad either. But, I'm more concerned with the music and the sort of neo-vintage effect it has.

Thus, it'd be preferable if I could find some songs that are similar without lyrics.


I've listened to most, if not all, of RJD2's albums.

I would rather be directed toward certain tracks rather than albums or particular artists.

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Kind of brings to mind Les Nuits or Nights Interlude from Nightmares on Wax.
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Check out MF DOOM's "Metal Fingers Presents..." albums.
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I Monster - Daydream in Blue
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Not sure why, but these tracks come to mind:

KRS-ONE, Higher Level (lyrics).

Nas, Halftime (instrumental) and "It Ain't Hard to Tell."
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It looks like your are looking for some kind of sweet spot between house, soul, and hiphop with a dash of jazz mixed in.

Osunlade is deep house but close to what you're after particularly the album Paradigm.
Morning Glory

Also house but similar Deep Sensation
Reelin with the Feelin (starts at 8:55)

You could also try something off the Verve remixed series.

More downtempo there's DJ Logic
Soul Kissing
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also, this remix of Shirley Bassey's "Where Do I Begin?" might do it for you.
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I think the genre name you're looking for is 'trip hop'. Try the similar artists column at You might also check out Kruder and Dorfmeister, or perhaps Air, especially their soundtrack for The Virgin Suicides.
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i would describe that track as acid jazz. The linked Wikipedia page has a huge list of artists, although certainly their sound is going to vary somewhat. Either way, a good place to start.

perhaps that will be useful in your search.

stuff categorized as downtempo may have a similar sound but is typically closer to drum and bass than acid jazz is (ie dancier).
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trip hop is good too, but more sneaker-pimp-ish/portishead-ish. You're not going to have those annoying dweedle-dweedle jazzy chords on top of everything with trip hop. It's considerably darker. it would be worth your while to familiarize yourself with the canonical examples of each of these genres (refer to the wiki page for acid jazz -- i don't know enough, trip hop: tricky, portishead, sneaker pimps, downtempo: kruder/dorfmeister (although they actually do a very wide range of styles), thievery corp) and decide which ones have the characteristics you like.
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Bonobo. (all YT links, eep!) has a pile of quality similar artists. I suggest starting with Cinematic Orchestra, Koop, and earlier Blockhead.
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