Weekend Dentist in LA
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Recommend a dentist in LA who will see patients on the WEEKENDS please.

I'm starting a busy job in downtown LA and need to find a dentist and/or orthodontist who'll see patients on the weekends, which is the only time I'll be free to go get my teeth filled and yanked. My insurance will be Blue Cross. Someone who does really nice bridges would be great.
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Not my dentist, so can't personally vouch for the services, but the dentist next door to my dentist is open one Saturday a month. I do know somebody who had an implant done there, and she was very satisfied.

If you find you can see someone M-F, Susan Gilmour Hanigan is fantastic and takes Blue Cross.
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Dr. Mike Yung is in Pasadena, about 15 mins from downtown. My wife and I both go to him. He is excellent and I am fairly sure he does some weekend hours.
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