Exporting email subjects to Excel
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How can I export a bunch of email subjects to Excel?

I have a few hundred emails that all have the same type of subject: Last name, First name, ID code. I'd really like to export these subjects into an excel file so I can sort by name and compare them to another excel file that I have. Currently, I'm comparing the other excel file I have on paper with the list of emails I have on the screen. This will get old soon. Any ideas? (the email I'm using is Thunderbird)
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SmartSave Thunderbird is your answer. I looked for years and this is the only thing I've found that works, and it works really well.
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It's been a while since I've used Thunderbird, but IIRC, you can export the address book as Comma Separated Value, which always worked well for me in Excel.
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Use SnagIt:
capture profile: Scrolling Window
This will copy the header lines as they appear in your inbox. Then just past into Excel. If you're using Outlook, temporarily hide all fields except Subject, otherwise you'll need to do some minor column cleanup when you paste.
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