Bluetooth Automatic Syncing Between Laptops
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Syncing between laptops: How can I easily and automatically sync files and documents between two laptops using Bluetooth? Ideally I want to load up one machine in the vicinity of the other and have all my recent data (documents/data/RSS feeds etc.) syncronised with NO hassle. Any good apps out there?

I already have a not-very-portable WinXP laptop, with bluetooth. I am also awaiting arrival of a new ASUS EEE PC. I will probably end up installing Windows XP on it, but might opt to stick with Linux.

The internal Bluetooth was a key component of my purchase.

I am interested in using the Asus as a portable addition to my writing and reading routines. I'd love to load it up and have all my recent file changes synced on both machines without me doing anything. Just like the way iTunes syncs my iPod, but with Bluetooth as a sweet bonus.

I would also LOVE for all recent RSS feeds to be downloaded in FULL and sent to the Asus, ready for me to read on the train.

Any hints would sure be grand
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Your best bet is to sync over Wifi. Bluetooth is slow.

File syncing shouldnt be hard. Program data files might pose a problem if the programs are open.

You might try windows briefcase for your syncing.
posted by wongcorgi at 3:56 PM on July 9, 2008 is awesome and free.. But yeah... You want to use an actual connection like wifi or Ethernet.
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Whew. Don't use Bluetooth, it'll take for ever. It's dog slow. About the same speed as a 1x CD drive.

Are you using both computers at the same time? If not, the I would recommend using a thumb drive. Not exactly hands off, but I don't think you're going to find anything that really meets your needs in the software department. Especially if you're going to be cross platform.
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Bluetooth data speed is often about 2 or three orders of magnitude slower than a wired connection.
(on paper - Max. BT 2.1 = 2Mbps ; Max Ethernet = 1000Mbps)
For instance, a 30-minute podcast that took 3 seconds to copy to an SD card over USB?
18 minutes to transfer the same file via bluetooth. Yuk, depending on what you're syncing.

That is just one of the very good reasons that the simple preinstalled Linux in a EEE comes with buttons for iGoogle and GoogleDocs right up front; staying in sync via the cloud (internet) is much easier. Doesn't help when you're offline, though - but see GoogleGears for that.

Seconding a thumb drive for your feeds and travelling documents - it's a more universal fix.
Or, since even the newer EEEs have small SSD HD's and you'll probably be using an SD card in the EEE's slot to supplement your storage, use that as your sync device; a $9 small SD card reader will give you the option to pop it out and use it as a USB thumb drive as well, giving you even more options.
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2nding Foldershare. It works with whatever Internet connection you have and is free and reliable.
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Response by poster: Hmmm. Not what I wanted to hear.

Any ideas on automatic RSS feed downloads?
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Google Reader with Google Gears. Get RSS feeds with Reader, keep 2000 items cached for offline reading using Gears.
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