How can I connect to my university's VPN network?
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I'm trying to connect to my university's wireless network with VPN. I keep getting a 619 or 721 error. This is with a new laptop that has Windows XP Pro SP3 on it. How can I fix this problem?
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Kinda off topic but they have SP3 out?

691 error can be due to wrong username / password / domain combination.
721 error could be that your firewall is blocking it.

Check you username /password and domain
Turn off firewall for "S-N-G's" and try again.
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I don't believe Service Pack 3 is "official" yet - I mean, it definitely has not hit the Windows Update service yet.

Implausible as it may be to do, I would suggest rolling back to SP2 and trying it again.
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That's not nearly enough information, so much so that I doubt you should be installing unreleased service packs. What kind of VPN? How are you trying to connect? Yadda yadda, etc.
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Your university probably has a help desk. Call them.
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Response by poster: rhizome:

My university doesn't specify the kind of VPN it is. To connect to the network, you connect with your wireless card, and then connect via VPN with You don't need to specify an IP address or DHCP or anything -- it's all automatic. In fact, they provide you with a VPN connection file. When I try to connect, though, it hangs at the verifying name and password stage, or else the remote host could not be contacted (these messages are after I've successfully connected to the network with my wireless card).
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There may be a domain name you need to include with your username. Call the helpdesk and tell them what you're trying to do and what you're doing in your attempts. They should have a quick answer for you since presumably a lot of people are trying to do exactly what you are.
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My university has a VPN [Cisco Systems VPN Client] for staffers. When trying to connect I would hang at the password/username part; turned out to be my anti-virus, TrendMicro Internet Security Pro 2008, interfering. Call your help desk and see if they have a proper work around, if this is your problem.
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