Bridesmaid Dress Alterations in Manhattan?
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Recommendations for tailor/alterations (for bridesmaid dress) in Manhattan?

Looking for recommended tailor or seamstress in Manhattan (below 59th if possible, east side even better!) for bridesmaid dress alterations. If it helps, I need straps taken up, dress taken in at bust and waist and hem taken up. If you have an estimate of cost (just a range or an experience with alterations) I'd love to hear that as well. Thanks!
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Madame Paulette's at 63rd and 3rd (I think) is kind of the gold standard. THey're not cheap -- think $500ish -- but they certainly are bridal.
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...and, I should add, recommended by me.
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Ah - I don't think this will be that much help, but we just ordered my bridesmaid dress at Just Pretty Bridal sort of on the edge of Chinatown (Allen and Pike). We had no idea what it would be like going in, but it was the preferred dealer listed on the dress site, whatever that means.

In any case, I haven't actually had the alterations done yet, but they said only $30 since we were getting the dress there. I can't imagine they would charge that much more if you didn't.

And if anyone reading this knows better and that I, nor anyone else, shouldn't get alterations done there, that'd be great to know.
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I went to Hong Kong Tailor Jack, who does not really specialize in bridal or bridesmaid attire but did an amazing tailoring job on my wedding dress. I needed straps taken up, dress taken in a little at the bust, no other alterations, and it was $60 and done in two days. Worst case scenario, you go in, he pins it, you don't like it, you leave, but my experience there was great.

(Note: many things with "bridal" attached to the name are more expensive. When you call around, ask for "formal dress" alterations. Your price quotes will invariably be cheaper.)
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Seconding Hong Kong Tailor Jack. He's done a few skirts and dresses for me (I'm petite and have trouble with regular sizes sometimes).
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