Please help me find a doctor in seattle
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I need a doctor in the Seattle area who can do something for my knee. It's a ten year old injury (to the meniscus/patella I think), surgery didn't correct it. I'm open to traditional medicine, acupuncture, massage, voodoo, anything that works. Does anyone have recommendations?
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Best answer: Dr. Davis Pitt, at the Sports Medicine Clinic is a good guy who's helped me with a number of knee issues. He's been open to things that I wanted to explore for treatment (though that's primarily been PT), so I think he'd have some good recommendations and a willingness to help you figure out how to work on your injury.
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Best answer: I have been to the Sports Medicine Clinic near UW's Hall Health a few times. It's staffed with UWMC students who are typically more open to (and possibly may be more informed of) advancements in treatment options.
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Best answer: I recommend Dr. Lawrence Holland at Swedish! I've seen him on and off for meniscus/patella issues (and surgery) and he's great.
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Best answer: I am currently doing PT with MTI for a broken patella. I was under the care of Dan Druckhammer for a month and a half, before he moved his office to Kirkland. He's a cyclist and as a result seems to be really knowledgeable about therapy to assist with knee issues.

I also have been to see Dr. Jim Hsu, a joint specialist at the aforementioned Sports Medicine Clinic, which has a MRI imaging facility that might help with figuring out what's up. Good luck with your problem.
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Surgery for most knee/back problems only has a temporary "placebo" effect. So does accupunture, massage, chiroractic (for backs)...

Go to Amazon and search Dr. John Sarno. It "cured" me of all my knee and back pain. And the back pain I had was nearly paralyzing.
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My AskMe on physical therapy in Seattle may also be useful.
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Find a better surgeon?
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Maybe there's one in Oklahoma City? (Sorry....inside joke only a Sonics fan could appreciate.)

Be careful of another surgical "fix." Too many surgeons are quick to tell you how simple it will be for them to do this, or do that, when actually they are financing their kids college education with your money. I agree with Zambrano that results from surgery are, too often, nothing more than placebic.

Good luck!
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the help everyone, I'll start poking around for appointments soon. Keeping my fingers crossed while I hope I find someone with a solution other than surgery.
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