Recommend a DSL modem
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Recommend a Speakeasy compatible DSL modem (in Portland, if that helps.)

I need recommendations for a DSL modem that will work with Speakeasy's service in Portland, OR. I am getting service in a few days, but they're cutting me a deal and starting service almost right away because I 'own' my own hardware 'already'. They are using the "Broadxent 8012-V" Link and I'd like to purchase my own modem that is compatible with the same services.
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Pretty much any will work except the Fujitsu ones that GTE/Verizon used to use. Speakeasy gave me a Zyxel modem. I would be happy to send it to you if I can find it, or you can check your local Goodwill -- I was at mine yesterday by chance and saw several DSL modems.
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Any ADSL modem will work. A couple of years ago I replaced my Actiontec DSL modem (supplied free for the first year of service from Qwest) with a Netgear DG834G, which is a combined ADSL modem and wireless router. The main upgrade over the Actiontec one was that it's got four router ports instead of the one you usually get from those ISP modems.

I got a refurb for around $40, which at the time was a lot cheaper than any other ADSL modem/wireless router devices I could find. I'm sure there are newer and better models out there but this one continues to serve me well.
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Also ... you probably know this already but just in case, once they start the DSL service, in addition to the modem, you will need filters to put on your phone lines. Companies send these as a package with their modems but you could probably get a couple for free if you ask, even though you are providing your own equipment. Otherwise, these can be had at Radio Shack or the like.
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