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Okay LA folk... time to tell me... what are your favorite things about/in Los Angeles? Especially your favorite hidden secret stuff that maybe only locals know of. Or super good deals or scenes that make you happy. Stuff that actually makes you stop for a second and think, "Man, I love this place" whether you want to or not.

By hidden secret stuff, don't limit yourself. It could be hickory burgers at the Apple Pan or conveyor belt sushi at Frying Fish. It could be *one* certain corner of the Museum of Jurassic Technology that rocks your world. Wandering the Rose Bowl Swap Meet at 9am. Monday jazz night at the Mint. It could be Sunday breakfast at Walter's in Beverly Hills, watching geriatric movie stars sit there eating pancakes with their wives. Or watching Mexican weddings fight out their territory at the Mulholland fountain.

I want to hear about all of it!

And you can get as quirky and obscure as you want to... one of my old favorite things (now gone thanks to H&H) was showing people a cement slab hidden behind a coke machine at the Chinese theatre which had been signed by an Amateur Contest winner in 1957... he apparently had won the prize of being immortalized at Grauman's for a tap dance routine. And here's another obscure one. I *love* that kind of random stuff!
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The Daniel Plainview mural on Pico, somewhere between 26th and Bundy, best seen if driving east. That thing is fucking gorgeous.
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Architecture of John Lautner.
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The Music Box stairs.
Cochinita Pibil at Yuca's. (oh, nom nom!)
Space Invaders.
Stoney Point.
Browsing Sawtelle.
That's right off the top of my head - I'm sure I'll think of more later.

What the hell am I still doing in the house?
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Most of this stuff is not secret, but it's aaaallll awesome.

Dim Sum (and wandering around in Chinatown, particularly all of the little anime/tchochke shops, while you wait for your number to be called) at Empress Pavilion.

Driving down PCH in the summer, all the way to Malibu and back.

The crazy Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine on Sunset.

Taking friends over the leap-of-faith hills in Echo Park (some of the steepest driveable streets I've ever seen).

Margaritas and handmade tortillas at La Cabana in Venice at 2am.

Thai Elvis at The Palms in Thai Town.

Insane all-night dance parties in the warehouses in the middle of downtown LA.

Taquitos at El Cielito Lindo on Olvera Street (often eaten, standing in the street, with tons of folks who clearly just got released from county Jail across the street).

Playing pool at The Little Joy in Echo Park.

Getting Pepper Steak sandwiches from Giamela's on Glendale blvd. in Atwater (like a real east coast sub), and nomming 'em in Griffith Park -- by the carousel or travel town are my faves.

Pretty much any concert at The Greek or The Hollywood Bowl in summertime.

Pretending to be a fancypants entertainment go-getter in white linen drinking Mojitos at James Beach or Shutters on the Beach on the wesside.

The Magic Castle!

Pupusas at El Buen Gusto (an El Salvadorean chain restaurant, there are several throughout the city, my favorite one is in Mt. Washington).

Blissing out with a huuuuge crowd at a Dodger game on a beautiful day. Even if most people aren't really paying attention to the game.

The blow-you-outta-yer-seat blues jam at Babes & Ricky's in Liemert park on Monday nights. And their awesome collard greens and fried fish. And their awesome house band Balls of Fire on Saturday nights. And their incredible door lady, mama.

Movies at Hollywood Cemetery.

The Camera Obscura on Ocean blvd. in Santa Monica. That thing is totally bizarre.

Hoofin' it to Monterey Park for some of the world's best Chinese food (basically, just drive on the 10 for about 25 minutes, get off the freeway, and pick a restaurant).

French press coffee and fancy avocado omelettes and people/dog watching at Good on Sunset in Silverlake.

The cheese bread at the woefully themed and hilariously decorated North Woods Inn in Claremont.

A big bag of freshly cut fruit sprinkled with lime juice, salt and chili powder purchased from a cart on the side of just about any road.

Dancing with the bizarre mix of hipsters and rancheros at The Gold Room in Echo Park. The also serve free tacos -- but it's random. Kind of like a crazy taco lottery.

I could probably go on for a while, but it seems prudent to stop now...

What's funny is I kind of hate LA. There really is a lot here if you're open to it.
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The Bicycle District at Heliotrope and Melrose--home of the Bicycle Kitchen, Scoops, and Pure Luck.
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I haven't been back to LA proper in 6 years but here's the fun stuff I did 15-20 years ago:

Sneaking into the cemetery in Westwood late late at night to see Marilyn Monroe's crypt.

Sak's Terikyaki chicken plate in Westwood

Mongols BBQ, Westwood.

UCLA's Botanical Garden

Coming out of the tunnel at the end of the 10 right onto the beach scene. Works best on a sunny day.

The old-school Sears building in S.M.

A more recent discovery: Runyon Canyon Park

Bike ride down Sunset through Brentwood and PP.
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I love a good LA Roast Chicken. Zankou's (Armenian) and Versailles' (Cuban) being my go-tos. Generally, while LA has the fine dining you'd expect in a city full of rich people, she really shines in the cheap, ethnic hole-in-the-wall department.

I just got turned on to Sam Woo's BBQ and the Ranch 99 Market next door. Great Chinese food FOR Chinese people, and the market is an incredible value that also features all the tough-to-find Asian foods you could ask for.

I love the dark, creepy romance of Old Hollywood. The Spanish style buildings, the older hip boulevards downtown that have fallen from prominence... basically the James Ellroy vibe but with less emphasis on grisly murder.

Not a big secret, but the Hollywood Bowl is one of the first things I think of when I try to justify to myself why I live here.

And, one I got from my wife, Craftsman-style homes.
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$10 yoga by the ocean at Will Rogers State Beach every Saturday and Sunday morning at 9. (See you there!)

Yuu Yuu Karaoke rooms off Olympic and Sawtelle.

The mossy creek in Griffith Park. (No link; I don't want to make my favorite L.A. spot THAT easy to find)

Pete's Cafe for breakfast (4th and Main--leave those wannabes waiting in line in WeHo at Toast)

UCLA Extension Writer's Program courses.

The BBQ counter at Ralphs on Pico and San Vicente.

Shakespeare in the canyon at the Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum.
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Events at the Hammer. Especially their summer music concerts in the courtyard.
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Response by poster: Yay! Keep 'em coming! I can't favorite them 'cuz I'd have to click everything. :)
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Museum of Jurassic Technology!
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Oh, take the Sneak Previews class through UCLA extension. If you're interested in filmmaking or love movies, it's the best $200 bucks or so you can spend every four months. Basically you get to see a new hollywood film 1-4 weeks (every week, the same night) before its release date, and someone involved with the film shows up for an hour of Q&A afterwards.

Even the suckiest films were saved by really interesting conversations with actors, directors, and sometimes even the lowly costume designers that would show up and talk.
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The best Mexican food is at a place called Monte Alban in West LA on Santa Monica Blvd. It's Oaxacan and it's amazing. You must must must try the mole.

Massaman curry from President Thai in Pasadena.

Merkato, an Ethiopian restaurant in Little Ethiopia on Fairfax.

The Farmers Market on Fairfax.

The view from the Getty, Runyon Canyon, Mt. Hollywood Trail

Hiking through Temescal Gateway Park in the Palisades and through Griffith Park

Walking along the Venice canals
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Favorite asada or shrimp tacos: La Chapalita, Johnston and Broadway (great meat market, too)
Favorite bar with naked 70's women art: Footsies (on Figueroa)
Favorite margarita: La Golondrina on Olvera Street (along with after margarita shopping at the Candle Shop)
Favorite secret dog park: (email me for that one)
Favorite decorated mexican restaurant: La Parilla in Boyle Heights

(all on the east side, btw...)
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Thursday night summer pier concert series in santa monica
Rose Cafe for lunch in venice
The Getty at sunset
Farmer's markets all over the place
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The yoga walk along the LA River (Atwater Village)
Tours of the LA River given by FOLAR (northeast LA)
Bicycle tours of art galleries (Highland Park)
The bus tours of noir LA, rock LA, Bukowski LA, etc. given by Esotouric
(multiple locations)
The annual public fruit jam at Machine Project (Echo Park)
Machine Project (see above)
The Ford Amphitheater (Hollywood)
The garden of the Self-Realization Fellowship (Mt. Washington)

I used to think that LA didn't have much alternative culture. I don't say that anymore.
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Hiking the hills above the Brand Library
pastries at Porto's in downtown Glendale
the Angeles Crest Highway
French Dip sandwiches at Phillipe's
wandering around the Biltmore Hotel or the Ritz-Carlton in Pasadena at night
Point Dume
Ros Gui at Dong Il Jang
the Desert Garden at the Huntington Library
the new arrivals bins of records at Amoeba
the Ballona Creek bike path
the top level of the parking complex at the Grove has a pretty nice view of the city
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Westside secrets:

The botanical gardens at UCLA.

Visiting the cemetery where Marilyn Monroe is buried, right behind the AVCO theaters on Wilshire Blvd.

Driving through the residential part of Venice, where you realized it's called Venice because it actually has *canals*.

The playground for grown-ups (i.e., with swings, etc.) at the beach in Santa Monica, just south of the pier.

The after 10 pm special at Stan's Donuts in Westwood Village (been a while since I've done it, but it's a few dollars to fit as many donuts--including the expensive fancy ones--as you possibly can into a lunch sized paper bag).

The little restaurant area in Downtown Culver City has a sculpture of a lion in front of the movie theater that makes me very happy every time I look at it. That one may be just me.

Finding your own secret burger joints. There are so many great burgers around that there's no point in listing them all. By my apartment I like Tom's #5 on Venice Blvd.

Not so secret:

Venice beach, and the guys still trying to get petitions together to legalize pot.

Random street performances on 3rd street.

Going to sneak previews of movies. (A fair number of offers for these are given at 3rd street.) Even if they're just mediocre, you'll still love them because you're in the special club that got to see them before they were even done.
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I assume you've been following this tournament?
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Banked Track Roller Derby at The Doll Factory in HiFi.
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Biking or Rollerblading on the Strand.

Jinky's (Breakfast and lunch only)
Paco's Tacos
Lamonica's New York Pizza
Bamboo Cafe
Burgers at Father's Office
Fatburger & In and Out (if you're in the mood for that sort of thing)

The Bradbury Building (downtown)
Riding the Metro (bonus points if you're actually using it to reach a destination)
The Bike Way

Beeman Park
Sepulveda Dam Park (Lake Balboa)
Van Nuys-Sherman Oaks Park

UCLA Extension (Great education open to all)
Second City Classes in Hollywood

Griffith Park which includes
Travel Town
The Zoo
Hiking and Biking
The Merry go Round

Also love the Greek and the Hollywood Bowl
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I've only been there but once, and that for one day, which I spent in the LA County Museum of Art, and there I saw what instantly became my very favorite Picasso -- Woman with Blue Veil: She's beautiful, it's early Picasso, before he went totally nuts, he's got such a fine hand, this painting has one of the most beautiful lines I've ever seen, deceptively simple, to Picasso probably it was simple -- I couldn't do it in fifteen thousand centuries and neither could you but he could do it before lunch, no sweat. It's a sweet museum, in any case, a great collection, but I'd go there even if I could only see this one painting.
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Amazing popovers at DuParr's that will soothe any hangover
Hollywood Forever cemetery
Reading the names of shows filming at the various studios
The Hollywood Christmas Parade
Beachwood Canyon
LACMA, especially the amazing Central Meridian: The Garage" mixed-media piece
The Getty
Mint tea outside at the Casbah Cafe in Silverlake
Lavash press and Chinese chicken salads (or just brunch) at Jumpin' Java in Studio City
Roscoe's Chicken 'n Waffles
The bizarre Oktoberfest at the Alpine Village in Torrance
The even more bizarre experience that is Jumbo's Clown Room
Looking at the Blade Runneresque beauty that is the Bradbury Building downtown
When downtown, looking up at the old marquees and thinking of its former splendor
The freaks, trannies, and workin' folk who congregate at Magee's Donuts on Santa Monica and Las Palmas (down the street from Benito's)
The huge 99 cent stores
The Sunday morning dollar sale at Jet Rag

...and seconding the Thai Elvis at Palms Thai. Man, I miss L.A.!
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I don't live in LA, but one thing that always tries to tempt me away from my Pacific Northwest haven is the amazing (and CHEAP!) comedy shows at Comedy Death Ray and the UCB Theatre in general.
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The Korean Bell.
Poking around the remains of Marineland.

In Whittier, I think on the Whittier College Campus, there used to be an old old library where the walls had a lot of windows and open space and so when they opened everything up, it'd be almost open sided and the outside air would just flow through. Awesome place to site and read during the right weather. Wish I'd been there recently and could tell you what the name of the library was and assure you they hadn't renovated the good parts out of existence.

I like uptown Whittier in general. It's also fun to go all the way up to Beverly Blvd and take it east until it turns into Turnbull Canyon road and follow that up to the tops of the hills that separate Whittier from Hacienda Heights -- on a clear day, you can see out to the ocean on one side, Pasadena on the other.

A bit far out -- I just discovered that Orange CA has this lovely old town square, with a great cuban restaurant some friends took me to called Felix.

There's some great hiking trails off of Las Virgines/Malibu Canyon Road.
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Oki Dog on Fairfax. Go there and get the world famous (or maybe not) Oki Dog. It is insanely good. Eat with care, as there is a 98% probability that it will take at least two and a half years off of your life, but MAN is it good.
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The Asian Art Museum, next to LACMA. Esp. the netsuke.

Hiking in the hills around Pacific Palisades.

Buying beaitifuly printed wrap-skirts for my wife at the store on Venice Beach. (Located in a cluster of brick-built shops with gingerbready-spires at the front. You walk up a few steps, and there's stores on either side.)

Greene and Greene's Colgate House, a craftsman-style house in Pasadena.

Falafel King in Westwood and on 3rd street promenade.
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If you have a dog, the Pasadena Humane Society's Wiggle Waggle Walk (scheduled this year for October 18, 2008) is a wonderful way to support a great organization & treat your dog to a fun-filled event.
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Here's a couple in El Segundo: (1) on Imperial Ave (it's parallel to Imperial Hwy) a bit west of Sepulveda there's a neat vista where you can watch planes take-off/land from LAX; (2) during the NHL season, you can watch the Kings practice from around 10-12 most weekday mornings at the Toyota Sports Center. It's on Nash between Grand and Mariposa.
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Response by poster: I think that's the first time I've ever seen the words "Oki Dog" and "insanely good" in the same sentence. Describing the food, I mean.
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Giant evening picnic and film screenings at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It's really grown over the past couple of years, so get there 1-2 hours early. So fun. Bring wine.
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The Central Library and its courtyard
The Bradbury building downtown
Background Briefing hosted by Ian Masters on 90.7 every Sunday morning from 11-1 is the best public affairs show on TV or radio.
Writer's Bloc
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Thanks, chicainthecity, for the shout out to my Esotouric bus adventures. Seems the right time to announce we'll give a 15% discount on any regular tour to any mefite who asks. And the floating salon that is the Hippodrome psychedelic schoolbus shuttle is free during Art Walk evenings, rolling next on Thursday July 10.

Secret pleasures: the exquisite Italianate mausoleum with hand-painted ceilings at the top of the hill in Calvary Cemetery.

Guavas in rompope (Mexican eggnog) at La Casita Mexicana in Bell (the bowling alley just west on Gage is pretty sweet, too).

No one said Bob Baker's Marionettes yet?

The City Archives, in the anonymous block structure behind Union Station, opposite Jailbird Denny's. Yes, they're there. Yes, you can make an appointment. Perfect for policy wonks, obsessives and lovers of random conglomerations of aged paper.

Police Historical Museum in Highland Park, spitting distance from Galco's Soda Pop Stop... mmm, Moxie.

Flannel cakes at Musso-Frank (as the old timers all call it), not only a great breakfast treat, but the only way many of us can afford to linger in those hallowed halls. Budget for a gimlet, too.

Discount Tuesday matinees at LACMA, especially if you like to date geriatrics.

Aetherius Society!!
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6 years gone and I still miss:
Soul Fries from Chili My Soul
Garlic sauce from Zankou chicken
Bargain Books in Van Nuys
Dangerous Visions bookstore was another wonderful place to browse. Their storefront on Ventura Blvd was a favorite destination, but they're online-only now.
Handmade is always a fun place to find cool crafty goodies from local artists.
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pastries at Porto's in downtown Glendale.

Porto's is awesome and family-owned. I've never ordered anything there that wasn't fantastic. Their fried plantains are amazing. I can't remember the word for the crisps like chips), but they are served with olive/garlic oil and are heavenly. They have an alternate location in Burbank and a web presence, so go for it!
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Not at all a secret, and crowded as all hell, but still cool on a Sunday morning -- the Griddle.
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one of my old favorite things (now gone thanks to H&H) was showing people a cement slab hidden behind a coke machine at the Chinese theatre which had been signed by an Amateur Contest winner in 1957... he apparently had won the prize of being immortalized at Grauman's for a tap dance routine.

And oh fuck, I thought I was the only one that knew that ...
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Response by poster: Hah! So did I!!!!!! :)
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Wacko's. Possibly the greatest store I've ever visited.
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All the wonderful parks in the Santa Monica mountains, esp Franklin Canyon and Topanga State Park.

The Getty Center - did you know that the tiles on the walls of the ramp down (the one near the cactus garden) make a lovely bong! noise if you hit them with your knuckles just so?

Big Jo's burgers in Santa Monica (Broadway and 20th).

Driving around the canyons and finding cool architecture and unexpected views. If you drive north on Stradella Rd in Bel Air there is a spot where you can pull over and see a beautiful view of the Stone Canyon reservoir and all the posh houses in the hills.

The Greek Theater (the Hollywood Bowl is too big for my taste)

The weather.

The awesome sushi.
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just found this out today, the Scoops (makes his own ice cream flavors daily; just finished guiness and tiramasu) next to the bike places on heliotrope/melrose. also, bike kitchen(sp?) next door teaches you how to fix your bike. they have all the tools and supplies, and yell out advice to you, but you have to do all the work (learn stuff! yay!) take a class and then rent a sailboat out of marina del rey or long beach. koreatown latenight, order drinks and smoke in the place and you're cool.
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Guava & cheese pastry with some super hot coffee at Cafe Tropical on Sunset.

LACMA, especially the amazing Central Meridian: The Garage" mixed-media piece

Seconded, thirded, this is great. We saw it several years ago and it pops into my mind often. And thank you mynameisluka, because at the time I didn't write down the name of the artist (Michael C. McMillen) or the work, not realizing how much it would haunt me.
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Oh, I could go on and on. I'm a 3rd generation native Angelena so I have a lot!

First and foremost, the fact that L.A. is the city that never works. Any hour of any day the bookstores and coffeehouses are filled with people reading, loafing, listening to their iPods talking on their cells. I have always lived here and I recognize this as unique about our city.

On to more:
the L.A. Arboretum
Abuelitas on Topanga Canyon
Angeles Crest Highway on motorcycle
Newcomb's Ranch on Angeles Crest Highway
H.D. Buttercup
Hiking the Santa Susana pass and the fabulous rocks up there
Dinah's Family Restaurant
The palm trees lining Sherman Way
Watching flights come in from the limo lot at LAX
Watching flights take off from Dockweiler Beach around a campfire
Lack of traffic on Jewish holidays
Michael Levine's (and the rest of the garment district)
Hollywood Farmer's Market
Studio City Farmer's market
Bob's Big Boy on Riverside
Chandler bike path

I could indeed go on and on. I think I'll write a blog post. Thanks for the inspiration.
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Gilbert's El Indio (26th and Pico) - my favorite mexican food place (cash only)
Gyu Kaku on the westside - favorite korean BBQ
Pinball on the Santa Monica Pier (this saved my life several times)
Nick's Coffee shop (near Robertson and Pico) - my favorite breakfast place
Nthing the movies at the Hollywood Cemetery

I found this cool website dedicated to historic restaurants in LA.
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Ooh miss lynnster this is a good question.

I freaking love Midnight Ridazz with all my heart.

Wacko toy store.

Driving from the valley: Beverly Glen -> Sunset Blvd. -> Malibu. With music blasting. Just in time to catch the sunset.

Cemetary Screenings.

I might be biased just because I live here, but North Hollywood is pretty sweet. Tons of theatres (with real live actors!) and yummy restaurants like my go-to spot, EAT.

The never-ending supply of sushi restaurants on Ventura blvd.

The never-ending supply of optimistic kids (and by kids I mean adults) who move here (and they're all going to Make Itâ„¢!) with no clue what they're doing.
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Greene and Greene's Colgate House, a craftsman-style house in Pasadena.

Are you sure you don't mean the Gamble house?

When in LA with sufficient time and $ on hand, I make a point of making pilgrimmages to Amoeba Records on Sunset and the Hennesey & Ingalls bookstore near the 3rd St. Promenade. For anyone who works in any kind of artistic or design profession, H & I has just about any book you could ever want. They have the only architecture section worth even looking at.

Also, not really LA, but close: El Farolito in Placentia.
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Just driving around and getting lost in the hills north of downtown. There are some amazing old Golden Age movie stars' mansions tucked away back there and glorious old tree-lined streets.

Free concerts at Burton Chace Park overlooking the marina. Try taking the $1 Marina Water Bus to get there.

Tokyo 7-7 Coffee Shop in Culver City.
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One more:

Honda Ya in downtown LA. Feels straight out of Tokyo, and it's tucked away in the top floor of a really old mall.
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The Gamble House played the role of Doc Brown's house in Back to the Future. You can just walk around and hang out.

I like Yang Chow. And the Fern Dell. And Ribs USA. And the Bridge to Nowhere.
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Handmade paletas.
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