How do I shot Now Playing and web
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Fearless Leader Haughey has both a Now Playing and his links on his site. How would I do that for my own site?
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Here's how I do that in winamp and iTunes. For delicious, I just use the MT-RSS plugin to parse the RSS file of my links whenever I make a new post and rebuild my main template (it doesn't auto-update when I add a new link to delicious). Alternately on the music side, you can get your last x songs through audioscrobbler as RSS, then use MT-RSS to parse it, but you'd have to rebuild it often.
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There's also a solution for Foobar2000 here. I'm not sure if it integrates well with MT, but I was able to roll my own now-playing system with it.

(as an aside, you can awesome Nintendo thriller cover Matt's listening to right now here. Jake rules.)
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... you can GET THE awesome Nintendo thriller cover ...
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I use mt-rssfeed to syndicate my audioscrobbler playlist, which works pretty well, if you're using MT.
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The problem with MT-RSS is that the feed displayed on the site is only as current as the last rebuild. I'd recommend Magpie-RSS instead as the feed that is output via that is always current. But yeah, like the above people already said, just use the RSS feeds output by both delicious and audioscrobbler.

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You can use mt-rebuild to rebuild your MT pages from the command line, so -- if you have access to cron -- you can schedule a rebuild every 15 minutes so your links will be up-to-date.
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yeah i use mt-rebuild as well...i forgot about that part.
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Is it possible to do this with blogger?
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