Hotel recommendations in Vancouver B.C.
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Hotel recommendations for Vancouver B.C.? I'll be there a couple days for a wedding. My primary concerns are that it be central and unique/interesting. Any price range is fine.
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I always recommend the Sylvia Hotel. Great location.
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Kitsilano is a nice neighbourhood to stay in if price isn't an issue. It's a short cab or bus ride to the downtown core and there are many interesting shops and restaurants. I usually stay with friends in that neighbourhood when I visit Vancouver, so I can't recommend specific accomodations, but I bet there are some nice B&B-type places.

Then again, if by "central" you mean "downtown" I'd recommend the Jolly Taxpayer, which definitely fits the unique/interesting requirement.
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I've really liked the Westin on Robson. I also liked the Fairmont on Georgia downtown. And the Metropolitan is nice [free wireless in the lobby and conf rooms last time I was there]. Last time I was at the Sutton Place and really liked it.

The Met and Sutton Places are unique, but not too unique that it is uncomfortable/weird.
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Response by poster: This NYTimes article recommended the Wedgewood and the Opus. Any thoughts on those?
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I enjoyed a week at the Metropolitan, but I know there's a more boutique/designy hotel in vancouver, but I'm forgetting the name.
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the sylvia is great for location, but the rooms are a little dumpy overall and some rooms are better than others. my sister had a nice large, airy room, but mine was small and quite oppressive with a low false ceiling. if you decide to stay there, try and pin them down on what kind of room you'll be staying in.
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Heather is right about the Sylvia, my relatives all say the top floor rooms are the best.

Opus looks pretty spiffy, but have only been in the bar. Definitely a boutique hotel. Great if you are an exhibitionist (many rooms have floor to ceiling windows in the loo). Great location as well
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The Sheraton Wall Centre is very nice, and as central as anything in downtown. Company I used to work for had a very low (<$100 CDN) corporate rate there, which was great for visiting relatives - you may want to ask around if you know people who work for large businesses, see if anyone knows of corporate rates you can take advantage of...
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The Tropicana is central and cheap. Not that funky or fancy, but close to a lively strip. Here's a pic of the view from the room I had.
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Best answer: The Opus is in a really great location (Yaletown) and has fantastic restaurants, bars, coffeeshops, last minute gifts, yoga, etc. all within walking distance. It's also only a block from the seawall which is an amazing place to run/walk/blade/cycle for some relief from wedding activities! The seawall is a paved path around the entire city. At several points in Yaletown there are little docks for the adorable Aquabus service around the False Creek area or to the incredible Granville Island.

Also, from the Opus, you can walk to any point downtown in 15 minutes (your walking speed may vary) or you can hop in a cab easily. The rooms are smallish but new, and the bathrooms downstairs have video monitors (between the urinals for the men, between the sinks for the women) so that you can make sure your honey at the bar is behaving while you are in the loo.

Across the street is a divine Thai place, as well as a tea house called "Don't Show the Elephant." The bathroom in that place is clear glass; when you lock the door, the glass magically fogs up. If you forget to lock....well, you may show the elephant! Down the street is Rodney's Oyster House for amazing seafood, and there are literally dozens of great restaurants in the surrounding few blocks. It can be a little noisy on the streets on the weekend evenings, but I assume the Opus has done a good job on the soundproofing front. If you're young(ish) and/or hip, and are not looking for the cheapest hotel in the city, I'd recommend the Opus. Email me if you need more info!
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Huh. I hate the bars at the Opus and find the whole place a bit too hipster. To each her own, I guess.

vacapinta, downtown Vancouver is eminently walkable, so if you're in the core, Yaletown, or over in the West end at the Sylvia, you'll find it easy to get around. The added bonus is if you're coming from Europe or the US, the exchange rate makes it possible to stay at the fancy places we locals can't afford.

One word of advice is to try to avoid "mountain view" on downtown hotels. That's generally a euphemism for "this does not face the ocean and you'll likely stare down the street" in Vancouver.
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The Wedgewood is good; I haven't stayed there, but I've seen the rooms and the restaurant and lounge are great. It's very central.

If you want the West End and are shying away from the Sylvia, the Coast Plaza on Comox is a good hotel in a great location. I don't know about interesting, though.

Will you have any time to squeeze in a meet-up?
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I am not really a fan of the bars and the lobby in the Opus either (and the attached restaurant isn't much to write home about), but I love the area and think the whole place is a bit more memorable than one of the huge chain deals, and the Sylvia is definitely due for an update. The Wedgewood (as mentioned in the NY Times article) is a bit more fancy/posh as opposed to hipster, if that's a preference. It's in a fairly good location too, so if you want something that is a little less trendy, the Wedgewood has been a popular choice for some years. It was also ranked #13 out of the top 100 hotels in the US/Canada. The attached restaurant, Bacchus, has amazing food and great drinks. The Metropolitan Hotel also has had good reviews I think, but I don't have any personal experience with it.

The West End B&B is supposed to be nice as well, but I haven't seen the inside of it. Here are other 'Bests' if you have particular needs like family accomodation, swimming pools, B&B style, etc.
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Ditto on the shabbiness of (some?) of the rooms at the Sylvia. Definitely not value for money, in my opinion, although the location is indeed excellent.
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Response by poster: Thanks all for your recommendations!
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Pacific Palisades
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Response by poster: Also, thanks timeistight! I need to nail my schedule down first though - a few things are up in the air. If I do have a break, I'll make a Metatalk post seeing if anyone wants to grab a drink.

The Opus looks good. I do like design hotels such as the Ian Schrager hotels like the Mondrian in LA or the Royalton in NYC so I may just stay there. Thanks again!
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