Where to buy a suit that's comfortable when it's warm, in Vancouver?
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I'm looking for a nice summer suit that I can wear for an August wedding (outdoors). I'm currently in Vancouver, B.C.

Similar to this question I'm looking for a decent suit I can wear in hot weather without dropping dead.

Something that travels would be good; I'm either going to have to wear it to fly or pack it, and either way I'm not going to be able to press or dry clean up upon arrival.

Cheaper is better, since I don't often need suits in my day to day life, but it absolutely must come in under $800.
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I will again suggest seersucker. It is awesome and travels very, very well since the fabric is supposed to be crinkly. And it's the best for summer heat. (And get blue, it's mui attractive.) I'm sorry I can't offer you suggestions on where to find one.

The prevalence of seersucker suits and sweet tea are the only two things I miss about living in the south.
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J.Crew has a great selection of summer weight suits as well as some year round suiting. the linen suit is nice as is that classic summer suit, the seersucker (and my personal favorite). there is also a chino suit which Banana Republic also has.
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sorry, forgot you mentioned you won't be able to iron/press so the linen and chino suits won't do. in which case, definitely go with the seersucker.
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How about a light cotton number? It's likely to be a little wrinkled via travel, but isn't that just part of the appeal? Perhaps this. However don't rule out a wool suit, as light-weight wool can be quite summer friendly. Something like this, but with a much nicer tie/shoes/shirt and maybe no vest, would look rather chic. That chino suit looks silly/cheap.
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Seersucker! The ones at J. Press and Haspel look pretty good.
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I'm not a fan of seersucker unless it's worn by older gentlemen. Having lived in the South, I don't remember seeing men wearing seersucker suits to the office. Suits are big investments, if you're buying one it should be able to be worn to more than one wedding. Even if you don't need a suit in your everyday life - weddings, funerals, and job interviews will give you enough occasions to wear it.

My suggestion is a tropic weight wool suit or a cotton poplin suit. Tropic wool would be my first choice. I think it's dressier and you can wear it most of the year.

Regarding pressing the suit - the hotel will do this for you for about 12 dollars. It may be worth it. Also, in real heat a starched shirt tends to fall away from the body which may keep you cooler. When I lived in Texas, a lot of men wore starched shirts for this reason.
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Best answer: Moores will sell you a perfectly serviceable lightweight wool suit that will travel fine - include a suit bag in your purchases you will still be well under your $800 budget (even including a shirt and tie and shoes). If you are looking for a suit that looks really good, and you want to spend most of your $800 budget on the suit itself (you already have the shirt, tie and shoes) I recommend heading off to Second Suit on West 4th (near Maple) where you can find consignment designer suits. I have an Armani winter weight, and two Boss summer weight suits (each less than $600 - though purchased many years ago). You'll likely need to alter to fit you, and then dry clean - but you'll still come out under budget - and there WILL be a difference in how you look - expensive material just drapes better.
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Response by poster: thanks birdsquared, that's totally the type of local referal I'm looking for.

More suggestions are always welcome though!
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