Best wildflowers in Colorado?
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ColoradoWildflowerFilter: Two guys, four days, a crapload of camera gear, last gasp before one guy gets married. We plan to be in Aspen first thing Friday morning, and need to leave the state by noon (preferably just after sunrise) on Monday. Where are the best stands of wildflowers *right*now*?

Other details: We plan to drive a Mazda Protege as far as we dare up the way to Yankee Boy, American, and Governor's Basins, then mountain bike with heavy camera gear the rest of the way. But the "peak" best I can tell, is still a couple weeks off in those basins.

So, where are the best fields of flowers that can be gotten to? What else is not to be missed this time of year?

Bonus: Where's the best place to stock up on beer? We'd like to come home with a couple, ten cases of stuff we can't get back home.
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Peak season for the places you mentioned is still several weeks away... and since everything is running late this year due to the ridiculous amount of snow that fell in the mountains over the Winter, it'll probably even be later. I've seen some photos of Yankee Boy Basin from the past couple of weeks, for example, that indicate it's still very much snow packed.

Unfortunately, I don't know where the best stands of wildflowers are at the moment. Between 9,000 and 11,000 feet will probably be your best bet (I was out this past weekend and found the best wildflower coverage to be in that general range... this was in the Front Range, however - it might be a different story out west). There might be some nice spots around Crested Butte right now. Steamboat Springs, as well.
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The Aspen Times did a feature on the blooms near West Buttermilk a little over a week ago; the same journalist did another feature on Tin Cup Trail on the 26th.

I haven't been up there yet this year (envious, who me?), but with the amount of snow over the winter, I'd imagine the wildflowers are stunning just about anywhere near Aspen right now. You could call the Chamber of Commerce and very likely get an up-to-the-day wildflower report.

Sounds like a great trip - have fun!
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