Best place for engagement photos in the CO Rockies?
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Best place for engagement photos in the CO Rockies?

Taking some engagement pics for a friend and looking for places to take them in the rockies. Thinking Maroon Bells in Aspen once they're snow-capped again and a few places this weekend to catch the Aspen trees changing colors. Great locations appreciated, (prefer w/in a 4hr drive of Denver). Also, creative ideas for shots are appreciated. Hiking to location isn't an issue but would prefer it be under 3 miles and moderate/strenuous. Don't want the bride and groom to be looking in bad shape when they get there :)
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Best answer: The wife and I did ours along Clear Creek in Golden. Rustic, but not really "natural".

Have you seen The Chapel on the Rock? Neat place, very photogenic. Their website doesn't really do it justice, so here's Google to the rescue.

I'd almost suggest you just pick a road, any road. You're sure to find stunning natural scenery. If it were me, I'd probably just take a day trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park, but I'm familiar with the park and live reasonably close by.
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The first place that comes to mind is Emerald Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. There's lots of pictures of it on the internet; the trail starts at Bear Lake which is also pretty scenic. I don't remember there being too many aspens up there to change color though.
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Response by poster: Chapel on the Rock looks pretty amazing. Might hit that up and just keep going to estes. I'll be coming from Arvada so it's not too awful far. I suppose I'll probably take 72 up there and stop at a few places along the way. Thanks
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I was up along the Peak to Peak today, and it's beautiful... but a little windy, and you'll definitely want a light coat, and sunscreen if you're out for a while.

The Brainard Lake recreation area, just west of Ward, is on the way to the Chapel (with a couple of miles of paved access road). No more fees for access this late in the year, and it has a bunch of trails, lakes, and streams.

The aspens are only going to be good for a week more, but they're a beautiful golden red in the sunlight right now.
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Response by poster: I was just up at Brainard and Long lake last weekend. They were just starting to change so I figured this was our last weekend to get them.
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