How to switch careers from Web developer to Mobile developer
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What is the best way to get a position doing mobile programming given that I have 9 years of experience using Microsoft technologies (ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server)?
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Do you mean mobile phone programming?

I would have thought you'd want to apply to (a) mobile phone manufacturers (Nokia, Motorola, RIM, Samsung, Apple) and (b) mobile phone software companies (Symbian/Windows Mobile/Palm/etc). (Obviously you don't want to tie your career to an OS that's on its way out so use your judgement here)

In some cases phone manufacturers buy in functionality instead of reinventing it in house - such as games, video codecs, software 3D rendering, etc. This can be from places like ARM who make processors, compilers, and libraries; or can be from third parties (my phone's built in games all say Ulysseo, but I can't find much more on them).

Also, the future may involve a big market for third-party iphone apps, or third party windows mobile apps, or whatever. I don't know much about this market.
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Since it's the closest match to your existing skills, download a Windows Mobile SDK and see how you do on your own.
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