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In Logic 8, when I try to import an audio (aif) file exported from Ableton Live, Logic slows down the audio file significantly.

The track from Ableton Live was at 160bpm, and even when I set Logic's project tempo to 160bpm, the audio file plays back at less than half that tempo. I feel like I'm overlooking something really obvious, but I'm having trouble finding the solution anywhere. How do I import the audio file without Logic messing things up?
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Response by poster: Also, the clip's pitch is lowered.
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Are you doing File>Render To Disk? That should output a raw audio file taht sounds like it does in Live.

Or are you just dragging in an audio file that you've tempo-warped in Live? Live's doing the warping on the fly, so if you want the tempo to have changed, you need to render it on export.
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By the way, that's from the point of view of Live 5 and Logic 8. You could also try rewiring Live into Logic.
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Response by poster: I think I exported it from Live correctly, when I play the aif file in Quicktime or another audio player, it sounds fine. Only when it is in Logic does it get all messed up.
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Check the sampling rate. If you're rendering in Live at 41000 and importing it in to a Logic track thats locked at 48000 you'll run in to that. It's not going to be that dramatic with this scenario. But if you're doing a 44.1 to 22 it'd be slowed down by half tempo and half pitch.
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If it's sounding like it's playing at half speed, it's possible that your audio file is stereo, but Logic is treating it as mono -- thus you're hearing the samples of the two channels, interleaved. Recheck how you imported it into Logic.
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Seconding mnology on the sampling rate.
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