Fino a go go
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Satisfy my lust for Fino.

For reasons that I can't explain I find Fino almost orgasmically delicious. Nobody I know understands this at all. Here in Canada it's particularly tough to find the good stuff. What do you recommend and where can I get it?
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Tio Pepe.
That is all.
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>> Nobody I know understands this at all
Get new friends :)

You don't mention where you are - here in Ottawa, there doesn't appear to be much choice. As the previous poster said, there's Tio Pepe, which is good and cheap (well, by Canadian standards anyways, it's 15$ here but *super* cheap in Spain), but it's the only Fino I see at the LCBO.

You might like to try a bit of diversification. Amontillado sherries are not as dry as Finos, but have a pleasant and strong taste. Best I've had is "Del Duque", from Gonzalez Byass. It's around 50$ for the larger bottle, always good to check at Vintages in Ontario (or at the SAQ Selection in QC), totally worth it.

Finally, it's a lot sweeter than what you may like, but I do find I enjoy Alvear's Amontillado. They have it at the LCBO (the regular section, not Vintages), on the Xeres rack, it's 10$.
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nthing Tio Pepe: it apparently got taken off the LCBO list two years ago, but is back on now. The LCBO lists a few other houses: Lustau is good and consistent, Alvear is good too.

Consider manzanilla: La Gitana is the dominant brand worldwide (because it's one of the few you can get outside of Europe) but none the worse for that. (On the LCBO list.) Perhaps one of the drier amontillados, or something like the Lustau palo cortado.

Perhaps drop a line to Toronto Life's David Lawrason: he's obviously an enthusiast, with good reason: dry sherry is the best bang/buck you can get on the wine shelves. Good luck.
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Response by poster: Unfortunately Amontillados and Manzanillas don't do it for me at all... it's that bone dry taste with the heady Flor nose that knocks me out. I've been drinking the Alvear, which is really excellent and an incredible bargain at the LCBO but I will have to ferret out some Tio Pepe. I am a long way from a decent Vintates. Maybe my local LCBO will order though.
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