Solar Panels R Fun!
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Do you have this backpack? Have you taken it through the TSA?

What about the airports at Paris, Johannesburg, or Dakar?

For obvious reasons I want to use it as my carry-on bag, but I'm concerned that the additional cords and wires might caused it to get searched or seized.

Actually, I'm not so worried about the search as much as the seizing.

Any personal experiences or links to articles welcome. Random speculation would not be helpful in this case. Thanks in advance!
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Here's the TSA's prohibited/permitted items list. There's nothing about PV cells on there, but all "normal" electronic devices (and their attachments, like spare cables) are listed as OK. You might be asked about it, in which case you might want to carry along a printout of the website where you bought it and the company's phone number, just to show them that it's not something you rigged up in your garage, or be ready to show them how it works.

The French for photovoltaic is photovoltaïque.

You could also call the company to hear what sorts of feedback they've received from their customers, and if they have any tips.
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I have this backpack, which has one solar panel for charging gadget in it. I have taken it through airport security in the US, Germany, and Belgium. Nobody even gave it a second look. However, since that backpack has more panels and wires it may get more screening. Just bring along the manual or product documentation (preferably in multiple languages) in case they do. I doubt it'll get seized if you have a satisfactory explanation.
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Not personally, but I've seen others take it through TSA screening in Boston and Atlanta. I don't recall it being an issue either time.
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I had that backpack and flew from NYC to Melbourne, and then on to Auckland with it (about four years ago), without any trouble.
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Response by poster: I'd pick a best, but they are all good suggestions. Thanks!
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