Conference Room A/V Help in Chicago
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I work for a smallish non-profit that is looking to outfit a conference room with some A/V equipment (projector, probably an additional plasma or two, presentation station, sound, etc.), and I'm having trouble finding someone in Chicago to help out with this. Google reveals a bunch of people who want to repaint my room and buy all new furniture, but I just need A/V help. Do you know any people / companies here that can help?

Our budget is probably in the 25k range.
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Abt is in Glenview, but I think they may be able to help you out with what you're looking for. They were willing to bargain during our household's personal purchases, so they may extend this courtesy to your organization. Good luck!
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Try this and see if there are any non-profit partners that you can tap into.
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have you looked at tech soup? they have some great deals on tech that are worth checking out.
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Have you considered big box retailers like Best Buy? All of the city stores should have someone in the home theatre department that could purchase and likely install all those things under $25k. Send me a message and I can get you in contact with someone at my store who can do a solution for you pretty easily.
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Try these guys Ask for Danny and tell him Dugg from Industrial Strength, sent you. Although they specialize in staging and rentals he will either be able to help you directly or recommend someone who can.
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search at CEDIA it's the industry standard that most, if not all of the A/V industry is a member of. Look for a decent, small, but well established firm to help you out. You'll have better success than you will with the larger shops.
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Best answer: We use United Visual. They've been pretty good to us.
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My brother does this exact type of work, at Sensory Technologies. The company is based out of Indianapolis, but he works from their office in the Chicago area.
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