How much will it cost to get my rings rhodium dipped?
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How much will it cost to get my rings rhodium dipped? And where should I go?

I've had my engagement ring and wedding band (white gold) for a few years now and they're both losing their silver color. I'd like to get them professionally cleaned and re-dipped in rhodium. How much should I expect to pay (ballpark)?

Also, where should I go? Unfortunately both the jeweler we bought the rings from and my favorite local jeweler have moved / gone out of business. Will your average retail jewelry store do this sort of thing, or should I find a local business with a jeweler on site? Do they normally ship rings out for rhodium dipping?

Thanks! :)
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Best answer: I recently called my local jeweler about this and they told me $25.
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Best answer: The jeweler where I bought my Mrs. jferg's engagement ring charged $40 to do both her engagement ring and her wedding band, I believe. This is in Kansas City, your locality may vary.
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