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Looking for conflict-, cruelty-, blood-, ecocide-free engagement rings in central NJ.

I'm looking for ethical jewelers along the NYC-to-Philly axis. I'm totally down with lab-created stones, since the priority here is to avoid conflict stones; metals which were extracted with at least a modicum of concern for the environment are welcome as well. Any recommendations, tips, or suggestions for where to start looking would be greatly appreciated.

(Anonymized in an attempt to preserve the element of surprise!)
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would you be willing to do recycled or vintage? You can do a geographical search on etsy for jewelers in your area making engagement rings out of recycled metals/stones...
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Are online stores OK? My wife got me my engagement from Green Karat, and I think we were looking at Leber Jeweler too.
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Are you looking to buy ready-made, or are you open to ordering a custom set? Because it is *really* easy to get recycled metals, all the suppliers offer it, and any gold or silver smith should be able to honor your request. Just find someone doing work you like and ask them to make yours in recycled and conflict-free materials.
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Use your own bone cells to create rings. If not those people, the technology is out there.
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If you're okay with online shopping, McFarland Designs is wonderful.
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My Canadian cousin is all aboot Teh Canada and recently got a Canadian diamond ring. They are supposedly conflict free. So perhaps go with the above recommendations for recycled metals and get a Canadian diamond, too?
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the clay pot in Brooklyn NYC sells bridal jewelery from several designers who state they used ethically sourced materials and conflict free stones. perhaps give them a call?
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I got a lab grown diamond from D.NEA and I and my fiancee are both very happy with it. We provided it to a NYC jeweler who had a setting she liked, and he set it.

In our case it was easy to chose lab grown as she wanted a yellow stone; yellow diamonds are much cheaper to buy lab grown than colorless diamonds. FYI, lab grown diamonds, while cheaper than natural ones, are not cheap in the same way that lab grown rubies or sapphires are.
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Buying a used diamond will help reduce trade in ill-gotten gems. When I bought an engagement ring 4 years ago, How to Buy a Diamond taught me what I needed to know.
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Seconding McFarland Designs, if you are willing to do internet(she also has an Etsy shop, as noted above). We could not find anything that was as close to the level of disclosure and honesty as what Tamara was willing to offer, and her work is lovely, to boot. These are ours. Aren't they pretty?
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Castor Jewelry in Lambertville. Lovely collection, and website contains a statement about their commitment to conflict-free materials.
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Try Canadian diamonds. They are all marked with a laser etching to prove that they are conflict free (usually a polar bear but other canadian creatures are used as well) Canada is a progressive democracy with a fairly strict environmental policy and workers have basic rights and protection under workers compensation, right to organize etc.
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Or avoid the whole diamond/sapphire family.
Eschew preciosity!

Semi-precious gems are gorgeous, and far more individualistic.
My engagement ring is a garnet...the color of my wedding dress and about every third thing I wear.

I've heard good things about Turtle Love Co.
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Thirding McFarland Designs, Tamara made my engagement ring. If you are uncomfortable buying online without seeing the quality, I work in central Jersey and I would be happy to meet up with you so you can see her work in person.
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My lab-created diamond came from Diamond Nexus and I adore it. I can't recommend them enough.
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