Bizarro Superman III
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Inspired by this thread in the blue: There's a version of Superman III I saw on Indian television last summer when I was in Pakistan. It had English subtitles, for some reason (it still had the original English-language soundtrack), but the subtitles had only the most tendentious relationship to the actual movie. In the subtitles' universe, for example, Richard Pryor's character was named Clark Kent. Superman's alter ego? Harry Kent. And it just got more and more absurd from there. Has anyone else seen/heard of this? Does anyone know where someone in America (like me) could get a copy?
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I saw this a long time ago. IIRC, what you saw wasn't Superman III. It was an Indian filmmaker's "attempt" to fashion a new movie out of the footage from the original movie. Probably had a measly budget and banked on lack of copyright-infringement detection. Don't try to make sense out of the movie or the practice, Bollywood will outfox you on that score, every time.
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