Free/custom ringtones for a KRAZR on a Rogers Canada plan?
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Free/custom ringtones for a KRAZR on a Rogers Canada plan? Apparently they have locked it but I'm sure you smart people know a way around it. :)

I know there *has* to be a way to get around it, but as it stands I can't for the life of me figure out a way to get custom ringtones on to my phone apart from downloading them for a fee from their site (or Does ANYONE know of a site that will allow me to do it? worked amazingly on my old phone (a crappy old ROKR), but now the files I get from phonezoo on to my KRAZR don't have the "Apply as Ringtone" option.

HELP! I really miss my Kenny vs. Spenny rintones. :(
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Go to Pacific Mall, walk into a phone store and get it unlocked. They charge a small fee.
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hmm, nevermind, toronto-filter. It is the centre of canada.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I'm in New Brunswick. :)
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Try searching Howard Forums; odds are there's something there that can help.
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it might help if you look for the correct name, I'm fairly certain you want KRZR.
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Response by poster: That was a typo in the post. ;)
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Seconding Howard Forums for all your cell phone needs. Also, BitPim is a handy piece of software that will let you add ringtones, etc., to your phone.
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I have a KRZR with Verizon, and I got ringtones on my phone by just uploading them and tweaking some settings. I did it by following instructions from Howard Forums posted above.
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Can you copy midi/mp3s to the phone's memory card (assuming you have one in) via the USB cable, then go into the phone's media manager/player, browse to the memory card, "copy to phone", then select it as the ringtone? I was able to do this on a T-Mobile branded KRZR , but they typically don't lock features down the way that Rogers or Verizon does.
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