Saving WMV videos?
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Saving WMV videos to disk?

Help! I'm at work, and I just got a list of URLs of WMV video files e-mailed to my Outlook account. If I click on them, Windows Media Player opens up and plays them. I want to save them to disk. How can I do that? I can't right-click on the URL in the e-mail as I would a link on a webpage, and Media Player offers no "Save As" function that I can see. Thoughts?
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Click on them as normal in Outlook, wait for them to load in WMP, then go to "File -> Save Media As..."

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Response by poster: Hmmm. My Windows Media Player doesn't have that option. Under the File menu, I can "Add to Library", "Import Playlist to Library", "Export Playlist to File", or copy a playlist to CD.
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open notepad.
type the following, pasting in your url in the indicated place between the quote marks:

<a href="paste the url here.wmv">right click</a>

save the file to your desktop as snagit.html and close notepad.

double click the snagit.html icon on your desktop. this will open in your browser with a link to the movie that you can right click on and save.
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Response by poster: damn, q, that's a great idea.
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Vidiot: what version of media player are you using?

Alternatively, Quonsar's idea.
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Response by poster: Now if I could only get the IT folks to unlock our systems so I could save something like this, I'd be set. But I don't think there's much you can do to help me there. Thanks!

on preview: v7.01.00, cheaily.
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I just need to stay........ [crossing my fingers this gets deleted] Sometimes quonsar, you make it all worth it.
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Or, you could grab a copy of wget and do it that way.
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For streaming mms:// URLs (although it works just fine for http:// URLs as well) there's always asfrecorder.exe, which also comes with some source that'll build on most Unix type platforms.
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Google search for the URL itself. Like this, then right click and "Save As".

If it's a stream then use StreamDown.
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mplayer -dumpfile file.wmv -dumpstream url

Mplayer for all your needs. :-)
also works for all sorts of other streams etc realplayer/asf etc etc
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