Identify this war film
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Help! What is the name of this war movie? (mi)

The time and place is never made clear. An invading army overruns a man’s land and “his” people’s army drafts him to fight the pillaging, murderous, raping invaders. His unit goes forth and eventually murders and rapes and steals from the civilians just as the other side did. The man’s unit gets ambushed and he is left for dead. He wanders about and eventually dons the uniform of the enemy in order to eat and stay alive. There is no real dialogue and the armies are I believe, green and blue. I think it was made in the early eighties and most likely a euro/Canada co production. I have hit Google and IMDB and called on my friends to no avail. Help…
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Red Dawn?
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I don't recognize the film arse_hat's referring to, but Red Dawn
was the Soviets-invade-USA / school football team forms guerrilla
resistance picture.
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This doesn't sound at all familiar, which is strange, especially if it's a co-Canadian production.

The only film I can think of that comes close (war, nearly silent, a guy switching sides) is The Red and the White, a Miklos Jancso film from the late 60s. I doubt it's your film, but hey, if you haven't seen it, it's a masterpiece. Check it out.
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Response by poster: Definitely not WOLVERINES! or Red Dawn. Dobbs, also not The Red and the White, but thanks for the reminder. It’s a movie I have meant to see but never got around to. I think I may have seen it on TVO when Jay Scott was still around which is why I think it was a co-production (France?)
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Are you SURE it's not Red Dawn?

John has a long moustache... John has a long moustache...

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