Where to find a specific fur-trimmed hoodie jacket?
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Help me find a particular men's hoodie jacket with fur trim on the hood, white with grayish horizontal and vertical stripes in a pattern that looks like plaid put through an enlarger a few times.

I saw this jacket in downtown san francisco yesterday, worn by a cute guy with a goatee with his girlfriend at the Beard Papa cream puff store. I don't now if plaid is the right word for the pattern--it's more like if you blew up plaid so that the entire back of the jacket had only a couple of the pattern squares on it. He was wearing the hoodie down, but I could tell the hoodie was trimmed with a darkish brown fur kinda stuff. The jacket overall looked like those quilted-looking puff jackets, but not overly puffed. I've tried Google image and product searches, and can't find it exactly, though it looks like it could be a snowboard jacket; some of the Billabong-brand jackets look similar. I never get obsessed with clothes, but I wouldn't mind being cute like that goatee guy if I could just get that jacket...thanks!
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Did it look anything like this inside? My son has a bunch of Fox hoodies and they all have brown or dark brown fake fur inside. Plus a bunch of them are quilted. Did it have that kind of styling?
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I don't think it was fur-lined...there was a thicker fur (as you would see on as trim on a woman's jacket, I guess) that seemed just along the edge of the hooded part...thanks for the link, though...not out of the question that i'll find a different hoodie i like as well!
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Have you browsed through Burton's outerwear catalog? They're huge into plaid and patterns right now. I'd do it but it's pretty extensive across the four collections.
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