Interesting Non-Academic Fellowships
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What are some interesting non-academic fellowships out there?

Some examples of what I mean:

Sauve Scholars
Pop!Tech Social Innovation Fellows
Echoing Green
TED Conference Fellows
YouthActionNet Global Fellowship
YSEI Fellows

So essentially they give you money and support for your projects, or for attending an event of theirs, but the focus isn't on academia and is generally open to a wider selection of people (compared to traditional fellowships that are geared towards academics). What other terms do they use to describe themselves?

(the examples I used up there are largely youth-oriented, but other focus areas are more than welcome.)
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Fulbright sponsors tons of non-academics.
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The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust funds fellowships of this kind; they have given support to a lot of interesting projects over the years.
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Jabberwocky beat me to it :) There's a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust in Australia too. I know a few people who've had Churchill fellowships; they're interesting, and the reports are publicly available so you can get a good idea of what they fund.
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