Does such a Vegas hotel room exist?
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DoesThisEvenExistFilter: Can 4 couples get some kind of suite-type-thing with 4 bedrooms and a common area with a decent view of the Vegas strip for $800/night or less?

My fiance and I are going to Vegas (Oct 20-24) with a group of friends to get married and just generally get our Vegas on. Since we've decided to stay at the same hotel for convenience's sake, the ultimate extension of that for us would be some big, fancy suite where we can all enjoy a common area but still have separate (private/semi-private) sleeping areas.

I have two friends who are very eager to stay at The Luxor, but my fiance would like a killer view, and those ideas don't seem congruous to me, so we're pretty open on what hotel to stay at. We'll be in town Monday-Friday. We don't need any kind of kitchen, but a bar area would be terrific. We're regular Vegas visitors, so we're very familiar with the hotels on the strip, just not rooms of this sort.

Simply put, I've never seen anything like this outside a movie, and my web searches aren't revealing much information that's complete or reliable. Thanks in advance for any insight or experience you can share.
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Best answer: It sounds do-able. I would call concierges at the Venetian, the Bellagio, the MGM Grand, and the Mirage and see what they would quote you for something like this. There are certainly grand suites with common areas and separate bedrooms in each of these hotels that would fit your sleeping needs and needs for a lavish Strip view; the question, then, is just the price.

I don't think you'll be able to book something like this through a discount website like priceline or travelocity, though.
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Don't mention that it's for a wedding when you are looking for the room. That is hospitality jargon for "raise the price."
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Is there any reason that you really want a combined suite like this, rather than separate rooms in a relatively nice hotel? You can stay for close to $200/night per room at a lot of the vegas hotels no problem if you don't have to go insanely upscale. Right now I just checked at the Venetian for Oct 20-24 and the Venetian Luxury suite is $896.00 for 4 nights... or about $225 per night on average.

If you scale down lower than the Venetian, you might be able to get more room for your buck, too... that's the only one I checked...
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Best answer: Fantasy Suites Cesar's Palace
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That would be Caesar's.

Twiggy's find for the Venetian sounds like a bargain if it has four bedrooms. I would jump on that for that price.
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LoriFLA: To be more clear: it's 4 rooms -- about $225/night each... not a big four bedroom room... My point being I'm not sure such suites exist at a reasonable price -- but 4 separate rooms can be had even at a very nice hotel like the venetian for close to chudmonkey's price point.
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Personally, I'd try the Rio. They're off the strip so they are HUGE and offer GINORMOUS suite rooms, often for less than what a tiny strip room would cost. Each room has a flat screen tv, a living room area and a view. I'll bet they have adjoining rooms for higher rollers that would be right up your alley that you could probably find a way to book them in advance if you call. And you can either cab or shuttle to the strip really easily.
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Um, some of the Bellagio's suites in the Spa Tower are absolutely huge; two+ bedrooms... But they're probably *too* big for you; they have a giant conference-type room and an enormous living room...
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To follow up on miss lynnster's suggestion: Staying off the strip is nice... especially once you realize that rental cars are not only cheap, but amazingly convenient in vegas. You can park for free at any of the hotels on the strip!

If you think you'll be drinking a lot, etc... then cab it.. it'll be about 10-12 bucks a ride for a group of 4 of you from the rio... maybe a bit more since there's multiple passengers, but nothing outrageous..
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I don't honestly know what they cost, because I'm somewhat of a degenerate, but I can assure you that Bellagio, Wynn and Rio all have large suites that meet or exceed (most exceed) your requirements.

If you have any degenerates in the party, I'd have them call and ask their host about pricing and availability.
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Response by poster: twiggy - four close-by rooms for less money is the sensible route, no question, and it's the back-up plan for sure. We're foregoing a lot of the typical wedding expenditures, and me and my fiance don't stay in pricey hotels typically (I was in heaven last year at the Topicana - 39 bucks a night!) so we just figured a primo out-of-the-ordinary hotel suite would be an acceptably memorable way to blow a few bucks.

Frank Grimes - you give good advice which all marrying couples should heed in all purchasing scenarios. Cheers!

Big thanks to everyone so far; I'd still love additional perspective from anyone else reading!
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Well I'll throw in my suggestion. Congrats on the wedding, I got married in Vegas, too.

This may not be what you were looking for since it's not on the strip, however may be worth mentioning:

I own timeshare at the Wyndham Grand Desert, which is 2 blocks off the strip (ie, 1 mile). It's also about 60 seconds from the Hard Rock. I know for a fact that they have a 4 bedroom unit as we toured it last time we were there. I don't know a) how much it would be for a non-owner (although you don't need to be a member to stay there) and b) how many units they have, but I can say they are quite nice and the one we saw was on the top floor (like 10-12 floors up) and is strip-facing. It's far enough to where you can see the entire strip from Mandalay Bay to the Stratosphere but close enough to actually see everything. It's basically a condo/apartment with full kitchen, living room area, and 4 rooms. The master bedroom has a large bathroom with jacuzzi tub.

If this does interest you, one note: It is a timeshare resort, so they may want you to attend a 90 minute "presentation". You have two options here: If you're paying regular rates, you should be under no obligation to attend the sales pitch, even though they may still ask you. Or, if you or one of your couple-friends don't mind spending 90+ minutes listening to a sales pitch, you could get discounted rates on the room. (On a side note it's not that bad, it's a very nice resort, it convinced us to buy and we don't regret it despite the bad rap that lots of timeshares get.. they have timeshares all over the world so you're not really buying time at that location, you're buying time at any of their global properties.. but that's a lengthy discussion for another topic.)

Also not sure what you're doing about a cake, but if you want to get your own I highly suggest Freed's bakery... saw them on the Food network a few times and decided to check it out when we went out there. Besides various (delicious) baked goods they're also famous for their wedding cakes. You could order one in advance if you wanted to but they have a variety that are pre-made and much cheaper but just as delicious. We stopped by there the day before the wedding and got a small cake that was just enough for 4 people. Had it for dessert back at the room and was great.

Good luck!
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One other option, if an 8-person suite is too expensive, is for the wedding couple to get a suite with a wet-bar and the other 3 couples just get regular rooms, and then everyone hangs out in the suite.

It seems you'd have to call to get a price quote, but the Hard Rock has Strip-view suites with wet bars, including the "celebrity suite" which has a pool table too.
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Best answer: MGM Signature has 1 or 2 BR condos **with balconies** that overlook the strip. We'll be there just about the same time you're planning for and I can't wait!
The Signature gives you access to everything at the MGM, as well. It sounds like it might be what you're looking for.

Good luck and Congrats!
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Response by poster: MarkLark - I really appreciate your suggestion, and I very much like having a time-share perspective like that from a mefite. I'll discuss this idea and mefi-mail you. Gonna check out the bakery, as well.

xo and SSB - thanks for those alternatives - based on my calls today, it looks like there's an significant premium for suites as extensive as I was thinking of.
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