Furniture Shopping in Highpoint
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I have family visiting me in Durham, NC this weekend to buy furniture. Where are the best places to go?

They plan to go to Highpoint that some call the "furniture capitol of the world." What are the best places to go? I know they are looking for a couple of couches but I don't know what styles or periods interest them. I once went to Furnitureland South in Highpoint and it was about 2 million s.f. of floor area. It was an ungodly amount of furniture to wade through to get to what you actually wanted. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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I've been overwhelmed whenever I've gone to High Point as well. It's hell.

You'll definitely want to do some research on what styles they want, so that you don't find yourself in 2 million s.f. wanting to do nothing more than just LIE DOWN on the damn couches already because you're so sick of it.

Plan ahead. Have your family come with measurements already taken. If they need to figure out a layout, the Hickory Furniture Mart website has a room planner built in that they could use.

You might actually want to try the Hickory Furniture Mart. (Full disclosure: I've never been to it. I'm just extemporaneously thinking on the keyboard) It is huge, to be sure, but there are a lot lot lot of different manufacturers in one place. Here's a list of the stores there. If you can get the potential buyers to do some scoping out online before you go, you can better target your shopping. It's all about tactics.

Have them go through the manufacturers websites and see whose collections best match their taste. Then you can avoid the places they're not interested in. Actually, I also like the fact that the HFM is made up of stores for different brands. The places I've been to in High Point had all sorts of brands scattered here and there.

Here are search results for high point from Apartment Therapy, in case that helps.

Um, enjoy.
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Response by poster: Thanks very much Stewriffic. I passed your recommendations on to my sister and she found exactly what she was looking for at Furniture Land South. Sorry for the delayed response.
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