Where in Philadelphia can I go to use a treadmill for free?
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Where in Philadelphia can I go to use a treadmill for free?

I generally run outside, but the hot weather is killing me. I don't want or need to join a gym, but I would love to be able to use a treadmill once or twice a week. Does anyone know of anyplace in Philadelphia that would allow me to use their treadmill or pay a drop-in fee? I live right across the street from Pennsylvania Hospital, but they don't have anything available. I know there are unused treadmills all over the city! Does anyone know of a hotel or physical therapy office in Center City that might be willing to share?
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Most gyms have a per-use drop-in fee...may be more economical than actually buying a membership if you only need it occasionally for a few months.
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At my gym at least, the treadmills are probably the busiest machines, because a single user can settle in and use one machine for 40 minutes or more - while things like weight machines can satisfy more users in the same time.

With this in mind, you might want to coordinate any gym visits to avoid the busiest periods (usually just after 5pm for obvious reasons).
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