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What are some creative black and white, bite sized snacks?

We're making a snack bar as our favor, and we're trying to come up with a variety of black, white, or black and white snacks, and I have about three things I can think of.

Here's what I've got:
Mini oreos
junior mints
yogurt covered pretzels
those blackberry gummy things
pistachios possibly

But that's where I get stuck. What are some neat snacks, sweet or savory, that I'm not thinking of? I'd like them to be mini sized, if possible, so they can easily fit into a Chinese take-out box. And they should be available in bulk obviously.
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Why, cream cheese penguins, of course.
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how about marshmallows and black licorice, either mini marshmallows with little black nibs or something, or melt the marshmallows over top. Actually, come to think of it, this actually sounds strangely delicious, and now I want some! (but can't have them due to the late hour.. *sigh*)
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White, bite-sized meringues, yogurt covered raisins, liquorice allsorts (both black and white)
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Nonpareils! (I believe you can find mini versions.)
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Flatbreads with caviar! White Melba toasts with Marmite! Crème frâiche with blackberries!
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Mini black and white cookies.

GIS gives this at epicurious, but I buy mine from the bakery in town.
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Sushi is often made with black nori and white rice, isn't it? Not quite mini-sized, but maybe you could make your own smaller-than-usual rolls.
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You can custom order M&M candies in black and white, and add your own logo or photo on each candy too.

Jelly Belly jelly beans come in black (licorice) and white (coconut) and can be bulk ordered by single flavors.
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Tuxedo Strawberries?

My cousin had these at his wedding reception. They were a huge hit.
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1) Microwave popcorn.
2) Melt dark chocolate.
3) Drizzle dark dark chocolate over popcorn.

This is light, super easy, sweet and salty, and rates high on my personal nom-nom scale.

Also, Haribo has some black-gummy-with-white-creme side things, but I don't recall offhand what shape they are.
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Allsorts! (well, the black and white ones)
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If you're looking for savory things, keep in mind that sesame seeds come in white and black varieties (check any Asian grocery), and they taste very similar. The black ones especially are very striking.
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Chocolate mini muffins with cream cheese filling. Vanilla wafers dipped in chocolate - actually, you could just melt one pot of white chocolate and another pot of dark chocolate and go to town dipping whatever you want.
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Black olives with chunks of swiss or some other light cheese, pinned together with toothpicks.
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neenish tarts

Both technically brown and white, but still delicious.
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